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What happens when an Australian(!) Muslim cleric calls for the beheading of a Dutch politician? Not much. What happens when an American pastor no one ever heard of threatens to burn a Quran? It ign + 5122 more characters
Of course...don't we all?? A little honesty for a change will go along way, dear.
Never said it was ~~~~ Hey...YOU are the one implying monkeys are a lower form intelligence, not me. I think you owe all monkeys an opology. What I want you to consider is that the monkey wants us + 140 more characters
boo hoo hoo brig. ....Oh I COULD...but then again..I COULD just ask you to tell us what YOU like...and that would probably be pretty close... You DID find that large boot didn't you?
For those of you who need more convincing of the monkey's agenda, here is, in thier own words, what they have in store for America. Then again...I guess most of you are actually proud of this... Take + 213 more characters
Sarah Palin: `Political Force, Threat, and Danger' by Jedediah Bila 09/21/2010 I read a hilarious column about Sarah Palin in The Huffington Post on Sunday. The timing was ideal, as I hadn't had a re + 3600 more characters
Its real simple. There is very little that wont upset a real muslim these days, short of bowing toward mecca. You guys don't seem to get it. The only tolerance a true muslim is looking for is your co + 292 more characters want to pray to the doctor? < If you didn't go to the doctor thank your immune system.> who created such an ingenious thing as an immune sytem? How can too much emphasis be given to God if He is the ultimate causer of it all? nonesense. The min + 372 more characters
Author: Smiley Posted: 9/13/2010 9:13:29 AM From: - MT Yeah...well, lets see about that... First....The prayer is not for God's benefit. He doesn't need anything from us....including your prayer. It + 2762 more characters
An imam warns us that the ragheads (muslim world) is about ready to explode over this issue. Mercy! Excuse me...when has the muslim world ever NOT been ready to explode???
Actually...would it make it any less stressful for you libs if we have a diversity wiennie roast and burn both the bible and the koran? Would that be fair and tolerant enough? Wouldn't bother me in th + 225 more characters
Shhhhhhh, we're told. Don't protest the Ground Zero mosque. Don't burn a Koran. It'll imperil the troops. It'll inflame tensions. The "Muslim world" will "explode" if it does not get its way, warns sh + 5317 more characters
no sir. He did not. He created what he created from His very Being (and He is not nothing)...that is, who and what he is. Now before anyone strokes...listen up. When you hear that God created EX NIHI + 377 more characters
Its not a matter of need. Its a matter of giving a reason for why we like to think we DO matter somehow. Are those desires for worth and dignity actually accomplishing anything beyond the few years w + 967 more characters
You have begged a serious question. What do you mean "right" religion? Its reasonable, especially from an atheist's standpoint, to assume at first glance that they ALL could be wrong.....but What tel + 31 more characters
< I really tried to understand the whole religion thing that I just didn't get. > I sense that you are reluctant to discuss these things because you consider me judgemental and that i claim to have all the answers. Not so on both accounts. I am just like you in more ways than not. + 2216 more characters
As i always has to play a part if we do not have all the evidence before us. is not simply wishing very very hard that such and such were so. It is NOT based upon wishful + 6492 more characters
Its kind of hard to tell since most are pretty timid about to comitting to any worldview openly. I never understood that midset. Some, like you, seem to want to avoid controversy...and I guess thats + 3330 more characters
Did you ever really begin? Translation..."You are right Frank...i really do not know a whole lot about quantum physics and i can't snowball i give up." You avoided any kind of sructured a + 225 more characters
Do you have a clue as to what you are talking about? Do you?? So you think saying they "smash particles together" CAUSES "New" ones to POP into an explanation??? Lets get real for just + 1156 more characters
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