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I respectfully disagree Steve-O, but I do see where you're coming from. The same strategy is being employed by both major parties in our country at the moment. I call that strategy "My dad will beat u + 4205 more characters
How about we just be genuine for a moment here. Most people do not go around calling other people faggots or niggers. Even within the Tea Party, I suspect this is true. Any group has its radicals, and + 2152 more characters
Glad I could help.
Considering that H1N1 doesn't seem to care for political affiliation, I'm doubting that it's solely descended from Sarah Palin. Rather, I believe it more likely to be the love child of Sarah and Barac + 263 more characters
The Thing
"People worry about being attacked by sharks more than stung by bees but guess which kills more people every year?" Percentage of Americans allergic to bee stings? Less than 1% Percentage of Americans + 51 more characters
"Black Elk Speaks" is another great book in this area.
I think he meant to say 47 rather than 57. In the video he says he's visited 57, and there is one more to go, then explains that he wanted to visit Hawaii and Alaska as well, but couldn't make it. So, + 428 more characters
In todays climate, perhaps it's time to reword the signs: "Smoking... 1205 new jobs every day!"
I say we shoot down the missile Japan is planning to shoot at the North Korean missile. Then we can be the 'good guy' for preserving N. Korean autonomy.
This thread sat dormant for more than a month. In my opinion, Eric deserves everything coming to him, but there's no reason to dredge crap up on here for entertainment of the masses.
That must be it... can you point me to the article? I couldn't find the one on meth.
The earth is only 6000 years old.
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