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Gentlepersons, Americans cannot be retried and retried and retried by the unlimited money and power and resources of any level of government. This is why double jeopardy statutes all LIVE and THRI + 632 more characters
Mr. Ingraham and All good persons, I did appeal an illegal conviction. Last May I requested properly a jury trial. Jeff Noble, DCA,deputy city attorney ****LIED**** to honorable judge STEIN. N + 788 more characters
Bruce Ingraham, Thank you, Sir. I will bet you one thousand dollars [$1,000}in the Butte events they did in truth and fact have actually REAL signed police department complaints of real injurie + 879 more characters
The truth is...…… English the public nuisance law reads....."such exists when it causes an injury upon…." an ENTIRE community or neighborhood, or, a considerable number of persons." From Augus + 1411 more characters
For the overall benefit and pleasure of all residents of Miles City. Work has already started with the Montana Bar Association. Two {2] lawyers in Miles City, one [1] in Broadus, and one [1] in Glendi + 143 more characters
I will very sincerely accept onto my mantel any and all goofy and 2000% criminally insane charges of Maintaining a Public Nuisance anywhere in Miles City. I will gain JUST acquittals of all charge + 53 more characters
H B 133 signed into law 10 of 12.
Hanson, Your intellect directs you to google and study the new laws and strikes of the last legislature. I will bet you $1,000 in cash you are wrong, dead wrong.
Crooked Cop Winklebean has forced two [2] HUGE lawsuits upon the mayor and city council and crooked attorneys of the City. These actions seek seventeen million dollars [$17,000,000}. No other city nor + 365 more characters
A. No one can be jailed for Maintaining a Public Nuisance. B. No one can even be cited for Maintaining a Public Nuisance. 1. Unless there evince at least {20] or thirty [30} or more people who actua + 360 more characters
Miles City suffers under the worst ever corruption of a single rotten and crooked cop. He is addicted to pornography { and probably child porn as well } and is a proven pathological liar. He lies with + 515 more characters
As my civic duty, I have volunteered to testify for the Denver District Attorney in the matter of Eric Brandt threatening a judge. I expect their acceptance email this week. One of the very best ever + 1028 more characters
I am small potatoes. I am the adult son of Miles City genius Americans. In 1961 when my former airlines captain father, R.D. Shipley, suffered a major heart attack, the FAA revoked his several pilot l + 271 more characters
Gentlepersons, In April, 2019, was filed an $8,500,000 lawsuit in Forsyth. The worst of twelve {12} defendants is ACO winkley. Owing the mountain of facts and evidence against him, his bonding and/or + 559 more characters
Have already notified both they are being sued in the Billings James F. Battin federal courthouse. Lawsuit will seek tens of millions of   ****    real    ****    U.S. dollars. Neither of the fools ca + 597 more characters
Why all the fuss? It ain't never gonna happen. Way toooooooooooooooo much power. Way toooooooooooooooo much money. Way tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many tens of thousands of Hildabeast federal crime + 634 more characters
David Schott, Are you trying hard to be funny ?
In more than three plus (3 + ) years I have written letters and emailed the President of the City Council at least, at least, fifteen times (15X). Has this person replied to my citizen requests? No. N + 145 more characters
in annual salaries to a Deputy City Attorney who has NEVER in nineteen (19) and more years, ever HELD LEGAL STANDING before the courts owing he never bothered to ever......SWEAR, sign, and have SEALED + 800 more characters
Anyone and everyone with one (1) Troy ounce of decency and self respect and LOVE OF COUNTRY know that they know that they know..........NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW. But in Miles City for over nineteen (19 + 727 more characters
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