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In more than three plus (3 + ) years I have written letters and emailed the President of the City Council at least, at least, fifteen times (15X). Has this person replied to my citizen requests? No. N + 145 more characters
in annual salaries to a Deputy City Attorney who has NEVER in nineteen (19) and more years, ever HELD LEGAL STANDING before the courts owing he never bothered to ever......SWEAR, sign, and have SEALED + 800 more characters
Anyone and everyone with one (1) Troy ounce of decency and self respect and LOVE OF COUNTRY know that they know that they know..........NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW. But in Miles City for over nineteen (19 + 727 more characters
Dick Welbes leased the Beacon Café from the Shipleys for years and years, about 1950 through the late 1960s I believe. Dick had matchbooks printed, "Eat with Poor Old Honest Dick". The Welbes family w + 487 more characters
2,000% truth chiseled in granite. My wonderful and genius parents, R.D. "Ship" and Mary Shipley, lived and loved in Miles City as legends. They arrived in December, 1945, poor as church mice having ju + 974 more characters
Will I win it? Is the Pope a catholic? Of course I will win. The judge is the former very best ever reputed county attorney in America. Judge Nickolas K. Murnion of the 1996 Freemen ordeal. He will ne + 593 more characters
and waddles like a *** IS *** a duck. When any common and ordinary and decent American tells and retells and retells and retells any CROOKED government entity ( City Hall, MCPD, + 901 more characters
City has wa$ted more than $300,000 *illegally* prosecuting me for "Maintaining a Public Nuisance". Pauper joey whalen, when mayor, did it, Butch Grenz did it, twice (2x); and, mayor Hollowell even tri + 1695 more characters
GREAT NEW poker game starting at the Leighton House Card Room, Historic Olive Hotel. Probably Tuesday or Wednesday the 30th or 31st. DEALER CHOICE.......$2 to $25....Omaha High Low Split and Holdem. S + 577 more characters
Simon Stanley eases around like Mr. Cool in his vintage Ford pickup. But instead of enticing hemorrhoids and spinal fatigue, what he should do is buy my WHITE CADILLAC CREAMPUFF LIMOUSINE and shift i + 43 more characters
Carol Lucas and Tom Venable are the absolute and never ending proof. Rob Shipley
RE: Paint 24 days ago
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PAINT PROBLEM PERSON, I can buy or trade you for all of these.....................thank you............."Ship" 234-2477
Gene Keller, Miles City's very own Gene Keller? Now of Washington State I believe ? Geno, nice to read from you. The crap about me from a deranged woman in Oregon was DELETED as per my request to th + 654 more characters
This is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nonsensical. And soooooooooooooooooooooooo much high minded lunacy. An hour ago just had a lady threaten me with none other than.............MCVOIACO. + 318 more characters
Now he has succeeded against the dems and idiot, Jeff Flake, and devised a legal way to UNFUND Sanctuary Cities. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, President Trump, you are such a very bad, bad ,bad man. Shi + 1 more characters
Dems overwhelmingly support all the Sanctuary City extravaganza devised by the Shumer-Pelosi-DNC agenda. GOOGLE truth. GOOGLE Binh Thai Luc. He is the Vietnamese criminal who escaped deportation beca + 257 more characters
McGee, I do not condone what you have been through. It saddens me a great deal more than you could ever know. However, your spewing ignorance about the supposed myth of there existing a solid differen + 924 more characters
First and foremost, why? The longer this goofy investigation endures the more ridiculous, pathetic and moronic all subscribing dems become; and, Trump knows all of this so very well. Mueller is the ep + 508 more characters
Motions in limine? Hmmmmmmmm. No biggy. I know what these are. But anyone in can bet their fortunes neither chuckie shumer nor nancy pelosi nor jonny tester nor Al Dullton (opposite of Sharpton + 137 more characters
Sure hope Bob Mueller hires a bunch more of Crooked Hillary's liars and thieves so they can squander another six ( 6 ) or eight ( 8 ) million bucks doing what all dems always do.............absolutely + 9 more characters
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Miles for your wonderfful website and such a service. All four (4) coins listed less than an hour and a half ago are SOLD.............. TY   TY     TY     TY   TY   TY          Rob Shipley
Four (4) special coins for sale.  First $150 gets them all. 2013 One (1)  ounce silver Liberty Walking, 1908 Twenty Dollars Gold Eagle', 1972 solid silver Eisenhower Proof, and, a 1999 Merry Christmas + 182 more characters
Older than I want to deal with, but, all things have value. I can trade you only GOOD Stuff..............L.A. Huffman prints..........Miles City Bucking Horse Sale posters from Riggs...........(will n + 287 more characters
Two (2) at pawnshop here are $1,100 and $1,250. First National Pawn in Billings has three (3)..........$1,400..........$1,500...........and $1,700. This one is really nice.........................FIRS + 72 more characters
1999 red Ford F350 crew cab 7.3 diesel w/manual 6 speed bad  transmission  4x4. Part it out................$9,000. Put a transmission in it...............worth what when  GOOD and STRONG  7.3's are no + 240 more characters
1953,1954...?????     7U D4 Cat with hydraulic dozer. U/c all about 50%. Main engine is good, pony motor needs  repair. Has a ranch built electric starter that could easily be reworked to former good + 206 more characters
Four (4) eight ( 8 )  hole Ford wheels that fit F250 and F350 Ford pickups. Need tires also. Please Also need an older GOOD condition campe + 10 more characters
This catchy phrase was used thousands of times in Viet Nam when forward air controllers called in airstrikes from U.S. carriers. This was MADE FAMOUS around the  world in Spielberg's, "APOCALYPSE NOW" + 685 more characters
Circa 1920s (7) sided.........Formula Measuring Bottle. Ten inches (10")   tall and nearly four inches (4") diameter at top.Thick glass.  "Estraus Materna". One hundred percent (100% + 293 more characters
Pete Minow bought this great pickup brand new on the showroom floor of Love Motor Company from Bruce McLean in 1972. I was the third owner and now there is a fourth. Great guy who bought it will resto + 107 more characters
Twenty-five (25) gallon REDWING CROCK. Wire bale handles are original I am quite sure. Has a homemade plywood cover with handle. Has to be at least eighty (80) to one hundred (100) years old. Almost p + 230 more characters
L.A. Huffman print. It is not framed and it has a slight tear on the left side about two (2) inches long.Thirteen (13) inches wide by twenty (20) inches tall. Price tag reads, " RARE L.A. Huffman repr + 349 more characters
Most attractive very good woman soon to be in residence and she has taken onto her mantle the SERIOUSNESS of the TASK..........clear out and get rid of it all. More than $100,000 in inventory; everyth + 378 more characters
Please Assist 19 days ago
Very good person needs to buy any older CLEAN and GOOD mobile home. Please contact us with any deals. [email][/email]          Thank you.
African Greater Eland shoulder mount. Tall. Vintage. Not pristine but also not in Ebay and thousands of miles away. Just a cool old dude. $1,100 or best offer. "We buy,sell,trade or pawn anything we d + 268 more characters
Three (3) John Deere 8430 tractors. All complete,bad engines. $13,000 cash buys the trio. These can be shopped and  rebuilt during the winter and resold for very nice profits. 1952 7UD4  Cat and hydra + 1086 more characters
Over the years I have owned a couple of these. Great outfits. I can trade you a lot of "ONLY THE GOOD STUFF". L.A. Huffman prints................Christian Barthelemss............Lady Cameron........ + 441 more characters
We buy and sell and trade trailers and cars and"Ship"
RE: Pallet for sale 22 days ago
I buy, sell, trade or PAWN anything of value. Email will TRADE you good stuff for it. "Ship"
"Rosebud Bottling Works", pop bottle, "Forsyth,Montana". Clean and CLEAR glass bottle in pristine condition.  $300.00 At least as RARE and PRICEY as Miles City "Circle  W" pop bottles. {{ W was for Ha + 432 more characters