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Mr. Frank Burns, Sir, we are both children of the Most High GOD. Two {2} things GOD hates, atheism, and the IRS. If you wish to call the IRS and report me for anything, 2000% TRUTH, I have ever writte + 324 more characters
David Schott, Whatever blows your hair back. If you are fool enough to waste and squander your money in the falsehood that you are paying my share, you are more of a braindead Neanderthal than I ever + 836 more characters
Mr. Emillson, I will call your bluff. Just precisely when did the last State legislatures ratify the 16th Amendment? Please be exhaustively detailed. And, show me where it exists..............IN THE + 105 more characters
For The Gentlepersons Who Know Nothing of Law. A. There is no law nor statute anywhere in America dealing with the........."mere appearance ", of any residence or commercial building or enterprise. B. + 448 more characters
Your boy, Gunnar, also, set up and lied to, and, coerced, a retired nurse from Pine Hills School to do the very same***** FELONY *****, December 3, 2020. And then he conned an old man living near the + 750 more characters
Bonine, Since you are clueless about Due Process of Law, in 2018, there was one {1] complaint written about the appearance of my home. It was illegally begotten. No one on the small planet can charge + 914 more characters
Those of you who live in Christ and only the absolute truth ************************************************************ Email today from Glendive Chief of Police. A. Miles City Star, January, 2019, f + 538 more characters
A great deal more than, "amusing", what Holy Father GOD thinks about biden's gross ignorance of law and justice. And, how he and kamalaslut are actually laughing on TV about children, little boys and + 284 more characters
Stumbling, Bumbling Joe, on Thursday's FIRST PRESS conflict will trample all over his unit with golf spikes on.'s dumbest ever politician.........will shame the USA most egregiou + 218 more characters
Humpty Dumpty and Donald J. Trump has a great fall, One was a story tale hero and the other the hero of all who were free. Humpty dumpty amused us when we were kids, Trump back in 2024.............wha + 261 more characters
Biden-Harris are bought and paid for by the Chicoms. Bobby Kennedy was after crime and corruption and J. Edgar Hoover. John Kennedy was after the Federal Reserve and illegal FRNs, Federal Reserve Note + 322 more characters
Gentlepersons, How many readers want to know 2000% truth about the BNSF Railroad ? And, all the other forty [40] railroads in the USA which STEAL, STEAL, STEAL billion$ and billion$ and + 548 more characters
All readers can accept this or reject, I could not ever care less. IT IS HOWEVER 2000% TRUTH. Article II of the U.S. Constitution and the 12th Amendment handle it all. IT IS WHAT IT IS. The Founding + 1187 more characters
Gunnar, It is sad, very sad, you have wasted your whole life deep into liberalism. Too bad you never actually studied world history and how Japanese and German tyrants all planned WWII like Biden and + 66 more characters
All reasonably smart, clean, healthy, hardworking Americans can begin immediately kissing...……..……….."Goodbye"...……...all of The American Dream they have enjoyed since the U.S. and England and France + 335 more characters
You good people reading this can accept it or reject it. That is your GOD given and American right. I love the OLD DEMOCRAT PARTY. That party which heralded great men such as Mike Mansfield. My parent + 635 more characters
JFK was murdered by the CIA and his desire to correct the Federal Reserve Bank. The Federal Reserve Bank is not a bank at all, and, never has been. It has no bank charter, no reserves per se, and, cha + 817 more characters
City of Miles City is extremely corrupt. But, mayor and city council and 2 crooked cops and a lot more are being sued. Poor, poor dummy who stole two {2} Christian Ministry Cars...…….white limousines… + 120 more characters
Several lawn hoses...…….. several 100 foot electric cords...….for my 2 electric lawnmowers...… 3 chest freezers full of $1,000 worth of top quality Albertson's steaks and seafood and chicken...…………… + 423 more characters
No one should feel bad about the destruction at my home last Monday; except it was all done with Y O U R wasted tax dollars and never any money from the mayor or the city attorney or the errant pol + 959 more characters
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