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Now he has succeeded against the dems and idiot, Jeff Flake, and devised a legal way to UNFUND Sanctuary Cities. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, President Trump, you are such a very bad, bad ,bad man. Shi + 1 more characters
Dems overwhelmingly support all the Sanctuary City extravaganza devised by the Shumer-Pelosi-DNC agenda. GOOGLE truth. GOOGLE Binh Thai Luc. He is the Vietnamese criminal who escaped deportation beca + 257 more characters
McGee, I do not condone what you have been through. It saddens me a great deal more than you could ever know. However, your spewing ignorance about the supposed myth of there existing a solid differen + 924 more characters
First and foremost, why? The longer this goofy investigation endures the more ridiculous, pathetic and moronic all subscribing dems become; and, Trump knows all of this so very well. Mueller is the ep + 508 more characters
Motions in limine? Hmmmmmmmm. No biggy. I know what these are. But anyone in can bet their fortunes neither chuckie shumer nor nancy pelosi nor jonny tester nor Al Dullton (opposite of Sharpton + 137 more characters
Sure hope Bob Mueller hires a bunch more of Crooked Hillary's liars and thieves so they can squander another six ( 6 ) or eight ( 8 ) million bucks doing what all dems always do.............absolutely + 9 more characters
Compare the FACTS of which groups of U.S. Presidents are the worst ****************************************************************** 1. There have been only thirteen (13) of the forty-five (45) who w + 550 more characters
The "Mystery Recovery" of the obamatron admin that was to correct all the wrongs of the banking busts and the crap............was just that, Gunnar, it was a real mystery because it NEVER hap + 363 more characters
Gunnar, Robert Reich has not seen the ball since the kickoff. And he is right in their with Pelosi and shumer and tester.
Cubby, What I may ask for my home is no big deal. Quite obviously, you do not own a big home, right? PROOF The triplexes one (1) block to the east of me sold six (6) years ago for $230,000 apiece.... + 636 more characters
"Allah's Angels" might be a great hit. Especially when you select your poster child...........n obamatron. Great idea. {small "n" is not to be confused with the "N word" even though both are the very + 6 more characters
McGee, Please, Lady, get yourself professional mental health assistance and treatment. 1. Who was the person who appointed you to be in charge of other people's lives and the ways they enjoyed propert + 550 more characters
Hanson, You, Sir, or Ma'am, are absolutely correct. My genius parents were always so very ashamed of me both of them provided for me with only one hundred percent (100%) of their estates instead of an + 610 more characters
McGee and Hanson, Do not know who you people are, would enjoy sincerely both of you privately emailing me so I could better assess your opinions here in But, do believe neither of you ever wil + 1226 more characters
Netherton III, Sir, you are so sadly wasting your life in love with obamatron and the despicable dems. Not a single one of them could ever pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were written on t + 1073 more characters
McGee and all Trump Haters and Those who love Liberal Lies ********************************************************** GOOGLE and read and learn and come to UNDERSTAND.........the United States was fou + 719 more characters
McGee, You are so ridiculous. All smart people immediately gain the humor from any statement that rodeo per se does not require balls. Duh? Hello? Is it more dangerous and does it require more guts + 832 more characters
McGee, I did NOT intimidate you, Lady. I glean you must be female because of your writing about being raped,bn etcetera. I did NOT intimidate you. Its is you who cannot deal with the reality of TRUTH + 1340 more characters
USA needs the other super intellectual black basketball player to teach Rocket Man right from wrong. As for me, I love rodeo. In American RODEO you do not need balls. Rob Shipley "Lebron James brags about being "well spoken"......proceeds using the vocabulary of a 4 year trash President Trump". You gotta love this. Another obamatron clone trashi + 37 more characters
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