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Was wondering how the young man injured in Afghanistan is doing?
If you would like to take a road trip, there is one located at Vida, MT. I have heard it is well worth the drive to see it. Vida is 100+ miles north of Miles City
We attended the BHS this past weekend and my husband lost his wallet. We would like to thank whoever turned it in with nothing missing. We truly appreciate that someone would do this.
I just saw that Gurney's Seeds have a plant and seed fundraising program. That might be something a little different from the usual.
Look into the National Guard Youth Challenge Program. They are located on the campus of the college in Dillon, MT
I would rather watch an ad from Focus on the Family than watch someones 'wardrobe malfunction' or ads for beer, that is my choice. We have control, turn off the tv if something offends you.
Well said, Bart. Some type of 'welfare' is taken at almost every level of any business. As to the remark by the politician, not going to get him many votes. Welfare reform should be a top priority for + 107 more characters
I do not believe 911 tapes should be released to the media. Why would anyone want to hear them, it is a very grotesque form of entertainment. Brian, I have also worked as a 911 dispatcher and those ca + 158 more characters
I also thought George Strait should have won. Actually anyone else that could carry a tune would have been nice! I miss "country music". What they now call country music should not be classified as su + 85 more characters
Thank you for the info.
Any details on the parade, for instance start time?? My husband and daughter are on the wagon train coming in from Brockway-Terry area and I would like to be there to see the parade.
Why do you think it is stupid? It seems like a perfectly good idea to me. I hate to see things fall apart and go to waste when people are desperate for places to live. Things have to change.
God bless all the soldiers that are serving and did serve and the families of those who payed the ultimate price for what we take for granted every day.
I have seen drunk cowboys on the streets of MC even when the BHS is not going on! LOL
Buck..shame on you. This is children we are talking about after all! This sounds like a great deal and I hope a lot of people take part in it. Sheri
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