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He was their younger brother. Sad to hear he is gone-he was always a good guy-remember him picking up his old tt500 one night and setting it on top of a concrete picnic table out at the pumping plant- + 21 more characters
oops-down here
Actually Gunnar it's brain fry from living down her in this heat for a couple of decades. Post some fishing photo to give me some relief. lol
Mary-you are correct-that was somewhat off topic-was just trying to shed some light on our dropping crime rate. Trust me we still have plenty. My bad.
Hope you two have many more,Howdy,nice aside by the way. Now back to the topic- Bob L. These are the crime stats. from my zip-violent crime only- for the last month. Yep-crime rate is way down-just li + 3054 more characters
Beers and barbecue Howdy?? Sounds like a great anniversary idea-wonder if my better half would buy in on that?
Yep-had to explain that to Ziggy-he's a Mexican national BTW.
This stuff is just AWESOME!!! Even better than my conversation with my dispatcher as to why I don't celebrate Cinco De Mayo!!
Certainly the poor/uninsured go to the emergency room for health care. So who pays? Not to be callous but we need to take care of our own first,would you like to pay additional taxes to support health + 1591 more characters
Free services-hmm-that's easy. Just come down here and visit any emergency room. If you aren't bleeding out you'll be sitting while 15 uninsured "folks" get various maladies diagnosed. Get in a car ac + 1307 more characters
K.Duffy-American Gothic?
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance comes to mind-he made a stop at the old Bill's Marine and Cycle store.
Found a cool version of the old Crosby Stills & Nash-Find the cost of freedom on youtube-from one of David Gilmour's shows-different but very cool cut and + 16 more characters
Ouch guys. I guess I'll quit whining about my internet speed.
There seems to be a big buildup for the Verizon Droid-no release date as yet-sounds like it might be worth waiting for from what I've been seeing on the net and what the techies at work are saying.
Plus with a bluetooth setup you run the risk of people thinking you're crazy and talking to yourself in the car. I guess as long as you don't start carrying on both sides of the conversation ......
How about walleye? Fresh is better with fish and you should be able to obtain some from a local fisherman with a little scrounging-or is it too late in the year to catch them out of the Yellowstone?
58.2 °F Clear Wow-we just got to the time of year we can leave the windows open at night-that is a live shot of current weather conditions at 7:22am local time-guess I really need to get rid of those + 160 more characters
Looks more like Mikey
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