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This is from the entire Petro family; Leona, Mary, Jill, Bill and Beth. He loved his life and lived it to the fullest. He was never one to let challenges get the best of him. He remained in good spiri + 465 more characters
Just remember, funeral homes are always raising their prices because of the high cost of living.
Two Kalispell law firms: Ogle and Worm Astle and Astle A lawyer from Livingston named Swindlehurst Jolley Funeral Home in Sturgis
WOW!!! This sure turned into a "crappy" thread.
To me, the absolute worst beers ever brewed were generic White Label and Billy Beer.
I don't think it ever existed here. Somebody must have gotten their towns wrong, or it could have been somebodies idea of a joke for the postcard. Remember the Jakalope postcards from here? However, i + 231 more characters
Richard, Must have been wrong last year. Seems like if you count the legitimate 39 and add eight you come out right. You do the math, maybe I dn't know how old she really is. Gunnar, Thanks for the + 118 more characters
Happy birthday to our daughter Mary McClarty. Hope you enjoy your 39th. for the ninth time. Love, Mom and Dad
The Mugglis' were my neighbors for quite a few years and you couldn't find better ones. They did have a lot of what some people, like Mayor Joe might call junk, but don't believe it. It wasn't scatter + 831 more characters
One thing that comes to mind is that the Powder River runs through three Montana counties. Powder River, Custer and Prairie. In the early days Custer County was huge and parts or all of the other two + 221 more characters
Way back in the dark ages, I can remember my father, who was a Powder River County rancher talk about the Selby ranch, but I'll be darned if I can tell you where it was. I'll bet you can get the legal + 96 more characters
Yep, I remember most of them. Saw Bob Lantis in Santa Fe last fall and I see Ella Mae every once in awhile in Miles City. Hannah Jean Cotton Is deceased and if you are talking about Lanny Oberhofer in + 179 more characters
Mr. Hartman Contact Bob Barthelmess, curator, at the Range Riders Museum, in Miles City. I believe his father, Casey, broke horses at Fort Keogh. Bob is a walking history book on Eastern Montana, and + 129 more characters
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John, You should know that you can't put anything humorous on this web site and expect it to stay that way. Don't be surprised if it turns political pretty quick. That is a hilarious shipping confir + 292 more characters
Happy "BIG 50" to Amorette three days late. She gave herself away in the Stardust column of the MC Star.
Yeah, roman numerals and scratched on a stone slab, too.
You're absolutely right,Ted. Pete (another old mind)
Richard, Have you tried Murdochs in Miles City? If that fails, you might try Monica Lewinsky.
Speaking of craniums, doesn't sound like there's much in Derek's.
Extreme atrophy of the wallet.
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