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I think I may have spotted him at the intersection of North 6th and Pleasant. I tried to get close to him but he seemed pretty spooked and took off towards 5th Street. Is there a name he comes to?
Kimberly, I work with Molly. She's out of the office running errands right now, but I'll let her know you're looking for her as soon as she gets back!
Actually, Rick, what Cheryl posted is about as official as it can get. Take a closer look at the page she linked. (url)This list of demands is a living document determined by majority vote, and repre + 902 more characters
Today's the big day! Come down to Riverside and check out the festivities, walk for an enormously important cause, or just cheer our walkers on!
I now want to make grits for Hugh Laurie.
They see him trollin' they hatin'.
RE: Suicide 11 years ago
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Klew, It's meant to be a bit of both. The purpose of the project is to increase connections and help solidify a support system within the community, to create a film that can be used as an educationa + 569 more characters
Suicide 11 years ago
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It's a painful subject, but even when we try to push it into the back of our minds, the problem isn't going to go away.  Suicide is the second leading cause of death in Eastern Montana for people age + 992 more characters
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