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From Grace Bible MOPS of Miles City Facebook Page: MOPS is open to all moms of infant-preschool age children. Expectant Moms are welcome too! We meet every 1st & 3rd Monday and have a local speaker o + 550 more characters
Attended the Absarokee BBQ Cookoff yesterday.....good food, great music. It was well organized and they had a good attendance. For such a small town they really did great. I agree that it would probab + 62 more characters
Thanks Levi.
A friend sent this picture of the Scratch Gravel fire in Helena. This is my first attempt to add a picture so hope it works. {img}{/img} Ca + 91 more characters
Website is down due to excess volume. They asked that people get off and try back in a few minutes after the website gets back up.
Is anyone else having problems getting on to the website? All I see right now is Georgia and S. Carolina as locations available.
It's instantly assumed there is discrimination if a person is denied a rental, when it could be that the credit check or background check didn't pan out. Having been a landlord, if an applicant checke + 370 more characters
I forgot to change my alert from noon to 10:00.....darn. Looked like they had a good Easter option too.
I'm trying to order but don't find Custer County in the list for Montana. Has anything changed or is it just sold out?
Oh I think there are plenty out there..... women who want a caring, thoughtful man won't settle for anything less. But sometimes the old saying is just too real....women and water sink to their own le + 5 more characters
I had Harvey frame a print for me. He made some great recommendations that ended up making a $17.00 print look like an expensive piece of art; and I felt he was very reasonable on the price. Plus he h + 84 more characters
Always nice to have a recommendation on a movie before purchasing/downloading.
Wife says to her husband, "you never to listen to word I say, you only hear what you want to hear", he looks at her and says, "sure I'll have a beer".
What time do we need to show up this week to volunteer for BB?
Way back in the day when KATL was 1240 on the dial, they had time slots throughout the day that played different styles of music - and even had coffee talk in the a.m. where listeners could call in to + 291 more characters
KGLT out of Bozeman is playing their CowJazz this a.m. It's awesome!
I agree with McKee. Much more important to get reliable, long-term renters and make less $ than have a revolving door. I have rentals in Helena, and we charge less than the market bears in order to ke + 44 more characters
We were recently working on our house and found an old document behind a 8th grade graduation certificate for Myrtle Madsen. The date is faded, but looks to be 1916! The certificate is di + 129 more characters
I'm copying the instructions from above on how you go about ordering this Monday beginning at 12:00 noon: "everyone must make an account at, then choose participate now, find Mont + 581 more characters
When is the best time to plant? Coming here from the mountains, it was a risk planting prior to July 4!
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