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31. Finally found. Eureka
All of the information in the description was taken directly from the Bucking Horse Sale website.
Jill's address is: Jill Ross Haight, 11561 Via Montana, Yuma, AZ 85367-7256. The reunion is September 6th and 7th. At the Windmill Restaurant on the 6th and the Red Door Lounge on the 7th. The regist + 78 more characters
That Dumb Love chorus sounds as if it was lifted from the Doo-wop group The Del Vikings' 50's hit "Come and Go With Me. Is it possible it has been bugging people for over 50 years?
Miles in Miles. When spoken fast it sounds like Miles 'n' Miles. Kind of a two fer one.
Still delusional
Septy two and howdy. That post was so ill advised and so much in bad taste I can't believe anyone would write it. And now you're patting yourself on your backs because of some delusional self-determin + 30 more characters
Did you mean L.A. Huffman? I've never heard of A.B. Hoffman.
When was the three story flat roofed building between the new hospital and the old one built? That looks more like 1935.
I would bet if it has always had asphalt shingles they have been replaced several times.
The red roofed addition behind the original building was built in 1916. It was a laundry and nurse's dormitory.
According to wikipedia the l shaped addition on the south of the original building was built in 1922.
Amorette, oh nonomniscient one, a stoic is someone who is unaffected by joy, grief, pleasure or pain. In the very next sentence Cheryl points out how she believes you fit that description.
Buck is right about "it's." It is a contraction and it should have been the possessive pronoun its. 'Mac's" is a contraction for "Macintosh" and should have the apostrophe denoting that letters have b + 13 more characters
If you're talking about pc8907's post, there is not one wrong apostrophe in the message.
Cpn was talking about herself only when she said she didn't like seeing the woman's name splashed all over the internet. Nowhere does she say or imply that she is afraid her children will see it on th + 78 more characters
Don't let the kiddies on the internet? Where did that come from?
I consider myself a reasonable person and I would never put this woman's lifestyle on the same level as someone's lifestyle who gave his life for his country. To do so would in my opinion be an abomin + 6 more characters
Amorette, why are you arguing form and not substance?
These were comments she said she would like to put on some of the report cards instead of the stock phrases provided by the school district. No where did the article say she was referring to a particu + 556 more characters
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