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Has anyone had a.lousy dining experience at the Broadwalk? My wife and I went there tonight for dinner. It started out with the hostess ingredients at a table and Take that one.",as.she seated a coupl + 734 more characters
Has anyone else had terrible service at the Chinese restaurant on the south side of town. We went in for dinner and didn't want the buffet. That was our first strike against us by the server. She plop + 820 more characters
So much for being humane. Lady you have some nerve. Just because you offered helpdoes not means you are the right help needed. You need to be professional and not bash the police. You can look up prof + 73 more characters
Only stoners use. Ha ha. Get your head out of the sand and take a good look. Your honor student s also use as well as the average student. Drugs a far more rampant then you think. I watched students s + 200 more characters
Extracurricular activities are not a right. They are a privilege. If you want to participate then follow the requirements. Too often kids and parents do not follow the requirements but think they ar + 208 more characters
Why is it that so many drivers don't stop at stop signs? I have seen numerous drivers just blow through stop signs without looking either way. I have seen all kinds of drivers from senior citizens, m + 283 more characters
Cool story and a good lesson.
What is the problem with Walmart? There are so many empty sheleves, coolers or bins it looks like it is going out of business. The eemployees stand around visiting. When you ask one of them a question + 114 more characters
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