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Tom, the Mavs are covered in the Miles City Star frequently. After reading your post, I went back and checked my old newspapers against their schedule. The Star covered their games against the Blue Ja + 397 more characters
Brandy, At first you said Then you said I'm not sure which to believe. That ALL colleges are teaching this, or just the colleges you claim are the source of the perversion. If you are sticking by t + 81 more characters
Kacey said... Dr Mac said... Richard said... Thank you, Richard. These statements most definitely seem to imply that she was incapable of being awarded this position based upon her own merits. Wow. + 575 more characters
Yay!!!!!!!! It was thrilling to watch in person, and I can't thank KATL enough for broadcasting the games! I know a lot of people who followed the girls over the radio!
Thank you so much for posting this, and thank you for the great coverage this season, Andrew and KATL! You've done a fantastic job!!! Go Cowgirls!
There is a recurrent theme throughout this conversation, like many others I've heard and read before, that I just can't wrap my mind around..... Why do any of you assume that those "fleecing the syste + 1135 more characters
Wonderful post, Hal. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.
Brilliant as usual, Brian. Thanks!
I think social media is a fantastic way to let the community know about the various fundraisers going on in our town. First of all, it spreads the message much more quickly and completely than going + 701 more characters
Participating businesses include..... (One-time offers) Black Iron Reynolds Subway Little Caesars Pizza Hut Airport Inn (Ongoing offers until expiration on 08/31/15) Subway Arby's City Brew Pizza Hut + 227 more characters
Kelly, if you are on Facebook, contact Ronetta Anderson. She has a page devoted strictly to this event, which is tentatively scheduled for the weekend of July 31, 2015. Let me know if you need any add + 115 more characters
We LOVE that "crazy old feminist!" Garfield School is an amazing school. Between our three children, we have been involved with that school for almost a decade continuously and have had zero, and I me + 576 more characters
I'd just like to say that these stories are very interesting. Thank you for sharing your memories!
Mr. Pett, thank you very much for participating in this discussion. You have provided an excellent example for the town's children. Thought-provoking conversation is vital to understanding both sides + 19 more characters
Thank you again, B.A.R.! Brilliant, as usual.
Big Sky Pharmacy is wonderful.
Perhaps shannon is confusing the Emilsson boys.
Brilliant, as usual.
Thank you for reminding me to order this, Jeri! I had planned on it after watching that interview on The Daily Show, and then forgot all about it. Can't wait to read it!
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