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I did not know your were a DR.
How about the "Good Ole Boys Club at MCFD(Rogers, Miller, Berg, Kransky, Mcgouhlin, Duffin and the list goes on. More importantly how about the the Guys and Gals at the CCVFC!(remember they do it for + 28 more characters
If you look at the "Custom Plate" there is a little circle w/ the county # stamped in the center of said circle.
Wow glad I left M.C. talk about a narrow mind! Calling our CIC a Negro, Gee that's smart, hope you don't get a visit from the Secret Service although they do monitor all chatter on these websites, so + 68 more characters
Just make sure you check w/ your insurance co. on the towing miles. Usually insurance companies allow tows up to 50 miles. AAA allows up to 250 or to the nearest shop. As for the GPS system, they are + 343 more characters
It is Awesome that Kemper Construction made such a big donation. It took the city of Missoula 15 years from conception to reality for the indoor and outdoor H2O parks. The outdoor park along w/the 50 + 363 more characters
You are right, the house is not Tiger Woods. It belongs to Oprah Winfrey. It is located on Maui near Volcano National Park. My friend did the Koa Wood stairs(koa is a hardwood). It is actually a nice + 235 more characters
I apologize for posting "The Mayor Thread" on the thread for Eddie! My prayers go out to his family and friends!
My Condolences to the family of that young man who drowned. I apologize for posting the Mayor thread here! Aloha
How VERY UNPROFESSIONAL for the mayor of a town or city to post on this or any other non- gov. website! He/She should use the city/town website to post!
How about "Resivoir Dogs" Oh yea Buddy! and "Blazing Saddles" or "Who killed me in Missoula"
Just wanted to send an e-mail to my "fellow brothers" at MCFR(you guys are still my brothers even though I am no longer a MCFR Firefighter!) Derrick, Tod, Dale, Kevin, Tim, Cameron, Brandon, tiny(petr + 340 more characters
Gee, you forgot the "Boys Club" and their leaders; Rodgers and Miller Wooo Hooooo! They should be in Times ""top 100 most important people"
GJ, I enjoyed your letter to the Mayor about MCFR! I was a "Full-time Firefighter with MCFR and I can back up your letter 100%. I had my certifications and came from a large F.D. in Missoula although + 572 more characters
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