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Well, why would I support Hillary. She said young people are super predators, and has helped her husband dodge many bullets regarding women sexually harassed in his time as president. She also said o + 513 more characters
They just found three more emails she didn't turn over. One of the men who hacked her server is also planning to plead guilty and turn over what he has, which should also help speed up this investiga + 433 more characters
REPLY HERE While by the definition of the Democratic party Bernie is losing, a lot of independents that would vote for him were unable to vote. This, while meaning that they might not be sending the + 2158 more characters
Source: url This should be interesting. Hillary in a very Hillary Clinton move backed down from a California debate promised to Senator Sanders. This is a genius move by Trump, because he is making a + 186 more characters
It's definitely a hot issue, but I think there should have been more debate over it. Obama is to me, a large disappointment. He promised us transparency, but gave us trans gender bathrooms along with + 1626 more characters
Don't you just love how oil country stands out on the map like a sore thumb?
I agree with the webmaster than nuclear would be the best choice. The biggest expenses are of course building the plant, as well as disposal and taxes. It is by far the most efficient form of energy. + 340 more characters
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