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I just signed up to get daily voting reminders. Voting starts tomorrow and you can vote everyday until the contest ends. I think Bus is a very qualified and deserving candidate and I hope you'll join + 21 more characters
Aw... Jobie is pretty cute.
Thanks for's always nice to read about home.
I just hope they can pull out the next one!
Great photos. Thanks for sharing them.
I've used AVG and Trend Micro and ended up getting a virus with both of them. I've switched to Norton (I used to use it and it slowed down my system) but the new version is great and I've had no probl + 309 more characters
You've done a fabulous job! I hope a lot of people check it out!
A message in Twitter is called a "Tweet". I think I'll pass.
There is no state law mandating bicylists wear helmets in Washington state. However, there are some counties that do have mandates that require them. I believe they are required for motorcycles.
I have fond memories of Miss Timmer and Miss Johnson. Mr. Bender was the principal when I was there.
Dale Milligan lives in Columbus. Frank Larson used to be a picture framer in the Seattle area. He still may be.
Happy New year from Washington State!
Spam! Spam! And more Spam!
Two others that need to be remembered are Jeff Losett - '75 and Rick Jones - '76.
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