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Haven't been in here for ever, sorry to those who posted to me. Hard to believe that I will be 75 soon. Mind says 35 but the body doesn't cooperate. Guess it is age that got me back in here. Even went + 276 more characters
no married Don who is from KC
Hi Haven't been in here forever, saw sy ranch and had to write, My grandfather Roy Hayes had the SY ranch in the 20's I canlook up thedates. My mom Gertrude Hayes and her brothers went to the SY schoo + 35 more characters
I was at a lot of the dances at the Moose, what fun.
sorry havent been here for a while about 1954 on to 58
NAturally, you would find me under Old... Love the site, jut forget to get back on it. NEed to post a reminder thing. Funny about the talk going on about the year books. I did contact the librian and + 205 more characters
I was born in Miles 1940 Holy Rosary hps lived there in Milws over on MIssissippi. Lotta good memories growing up and as usual with life, some bad ones. MC was the town to be growing up in, most of us + 224 more characters
REmember JUnes, My uncle was engaged to her many many years ago, Park theater with the scary bathroom downstairs. 600 club with spike. Oh yes memories are made of these.
are yourelated to the South's like Donnie, be still my heart.Can't remenber all of them but there is a picture of Donnie hair in a da and engineer boots, levis and motorcycle around somewhere.
Joe sat in the window of a barber shop on the corner of main and whatever the park showhouse sat on, He whistled at all the girls and scared you when you were not expecting it.
I worked at the rest home before I was 20 for Dorothy and Bob? Doyle, when it was the old old one and then into the new one.
I had forgotten all about PIstol till I read yur post. I used towander in that area and Pistol was a very nice man, I lived on Mississippi st and wandered all over never knowing that the day would com + 108 more characters
ONG I thought me and my crazy friends were the only ones the did the flumes!! I have tried to describe it to people over the years and they think I am nuts. Jimmy Robinson was the ringleader. I could + 151 more characters
dragging main, you bet, cop a ride with someone who had a car, oldest looking bought the gallon jug of beer at Klamms and you headed to beercan hill to drink and neck. Hide in the trunk to go to the S + 824 more characters
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