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Hate to say this, but I must. Kristi was actually right about one thing....I do enjoy mooing and oinking at her. This I promise is my last post. To Kristi I send an oink oink and a mooo!
People from one of the various city offices, the police department, the office of the courts, some city official or a member of law enforcement somewhere has to be reading these posts........Why hasn' + 1037 more characters
David Schott......You are the master of sweet timing!! Thanx, I needed that!!
Kristi, I do not believe a thing that you say, how can I, it is all so unbelievable! And being a tree man, I am going to go out on a limb and say that I sincerely doubt if there is a single person rea + 5663 more characters
Kristi......All I can say is WOW!!! What the F_CK!! You should be wearing a helmet and have a cork on the end of your fork so you don't hurt yourself when you belly up to your bale of hay to eat. How + 387 more characters
Richard Bonine JR........If you were on that corner for any reason other than waiting to cross the street, my porn business is always looking for quality help For the sake of my faith in Miles City, I + 77 more characters
Is that why you attacked her and bit her like a frikken animal? I know you are not very bright, obviously, but haven't you realized we have the same last name? We were married for 11 years and are sti + 396 more characters
Kristi? Kristi? Kristi.......can you hear me? It's okay, they know. They all know now, it's over. Everybody knows, it's okay. Everyone now knows so take your meds and take a nice little nap and rememb + 42 more characters
Please note, the following information is not in the form of statements or any kind of reports.... It is official state criminal arrest RECORDS, they can not be faked, altered or mis-represented. All + 2356 more characters
The records will be posted at 11o pm there is a lot to post and I am running late
I was going to try and let this all go and back off from my desire to expose you for the "whatever" you are, but I can't. I cant for 2 reasons. Reason #1, I promised I would post your arrest records i + 382 more characters
Kristi, that post about drugs and porn crossed the line. It is going too far, even for you. Such allegations and charges would be VERY EASY TO PROVE!! If any of that were true or had even a touch of t + 625 more characters
After reading your posts I am almost speechless, almost. All I can think of to say is quite simple. You're stupid.
Okay, grab your popcorn and sit back and I will tell the whole story, and every thing I say will be all truth. I moved across the street from Kristi Felkings (now Murphy) about 7 years ago. At that ti + 8083 more characters
You get crazier by the second don't you? It's no wonder that your kids, husband and family cant be around you. You have no friends. no renters, no people at all who can be around you for a minute befo + 383 more characters
Why didn't you call me a liar ?
public records don't lie or make false statements....only you do. The cold hard truth is hard to look at isn't it Kristi? If you care to keep pushing this and call me a liar again, I will print and po + 433 more characters
Easy there Crazy Kristi easy. Kristi Murphy, Kristi Felkins, Kristi Caul, Kristi Pendergast.... Kristi whatever your name is this week!! Remember, it is you that has been arrested for coming onto my p + 909 more characters
Perhaps it is the same dogs that got in and attacked your goats the last time!! I personally saved your goats the last time by getting a stick and going into the pen to chase away the 2 big dogs becau + 452 more characters
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