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i have never and "probably" will never eat at the Iron. I am absolutely Happy with Rib and Chop. Irons a little spend for me from what I hear.
I cant look at anything in Classifieds. refreshed, restarted and CTRL+f5 and it didnt work.
I havent been able to get to my email. but i did just email you back about Rocky.
I have seen a Black dog with pink collar on behind Conlins Furniture a couple of times. Black lab. She is always behind the Sleep Inn and Conlins. Just wondering if Rocky was found?
is this on the 3rd? or when?
OMG!!! that was hilarious that was the best laugh i have had in a LOOONG time! all you guys are histerical! Thanks!!!
it is about the landlord and the property. i agree. tenants dont understand their agreement alot of the time. they only reason iam staying where iam is because she is an amzing landlord and she doenst + 409 more characters
Just wondering if there is anyone else out there that finds it impossible to rent a place here because of the fact that we (as in those of us who still work in the community) dont work in the oil fiel + 428 more characters
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