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How much do you want for them ?
thank you monica it would be best if you come out soon this crap needs to go away and you have to remember i do not own all the forty acre places own the lower end there is a lot of horses and cattle + 544 more characters
monica i have also contacted them they will come look at your concerns and i wish the best for you in court because you are going there larry
for all you concerned peeps please bring your cameras i will take you on a tour of the ranch bring your lunch because you will be walking because or the fire danger but you will see water and gras + 42 more characters
please bring your camera monica
get of your ass i will take for ride any day you want to come look monica i am busy this weekend but any time next week you are welcome to come out and i will show u all the cattle and horses on this + 149 more characters
for your imformation them horses are being well taken care of and watered every day the lady at the end of the road is pissed because we have an eseasment threw her place if this shit is post on here + 68 more characters
Largest fire in the US and still no coverage they need water and food bad
call the sheriff or county shop
Do not buy any tags piss on them if you want to hunt buy a wolf tag
hope u have a clear title
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