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I believe it was replaced by a gas turbine unit east of town in the early to mid 60's.
We toured the old power plant while in CCHS in the very late 50's or early 60's. At that time they informed us that the plant was capable of powering about ½ of the city. By 1965 they had installed a + 109 more characters
The 232 phone prefix came with the new telephone building on Pleasant between 8th and 9th. It was put in during the very late 50's or early 60's as I recall. It had "modern switch gearfor automatic di + 74 more characters
I think too many are not considering the longer term consequences regardless of their position. If the Senate impeaches Trump and he is removed from office then Pence becomes president and I have alre + 683 more characters
Anyway to avoid this guys posts?
Transferring songs from a CD on a Mac should be no more than a drag and drop procedure from the CD to iTunes songs or a playlist.
Can anyone tell me what happened to the house at 313 No 11th Street. Was it lost to fire, rot, etc. I lived there many years ago and just noticed in Apple Maps that it is no longer there.
Forgot to mention that is you have never downloaded Yosemite or an earlier Mac OS from the App store it will not appear on your App. Store. If Yosemite or some earlier Mac OS is not on your App store. + 291 more characters
1. If necessary download G-Parted and burn a CD/DVD. You may need an external USB drive to do the burning. Google the instructions as necessary or use a PC with Windows to do the same. Skip this step + 1660 more characters
NY State Democrats are now indicating that congress has a roll if congressional imposed sanctions are to be lifted as a result of ongoing talks with Iran.
Article 2, Section 2 of the US Constitution states in part "He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur" + 54 more characters
At the time more like the top1/10 of 1%.
I knew Rufus and his family and recall their departure. I always wonder about the project and many years later (1986 to be exact) went to Unalaska and realized that it held little hope for success due + 37 more characters
As for most minerals all we have to do is go to the astroid belt and bring a few back and we could do that now if needed. Most likely population growth will moderate and even decline slightly accordin + 307 more characters
Carr campaigned against the "Houses" and many were surprised when he closed them down. As said, they were a good source of cash income for many business in Miles City.
Some items to consider: At the end of WW II the US had the only viable economy which allowed us to dominate the world economically for 40+ years. Management got fed up with all the union work rules an + 324 more characters
As long as the Repb's keep on picking up on the bait the Dem's will continue to offer it.
No one will be able to stop the drilling in Montana, ND, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsyslvania etc as the land and leases are in private hands. The governors in these states see the revenue potential all + 629 more characters
I attended MCC from the fall of 62 through December of 64 and can not say enough positive things about MCC. In those days it was located in the old Milwaukee Depot. Cost to attend for a full year was + 553 more characters
State Farm Insurance has occupied the space since at least 1956, when it was owned by Don Ayre(sic, not sure of the spelling of the last name), next to it was Shultz Electric until '57 when it became + 290 more characters
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