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Gosh, I think someone started something here. Could it be that Grenz won't be getting the popular vote?
that;s weird, seems like i'm always getting messages from ebay stating the selling fees will be waived. almost once a week or every other week i see this.
I agree that if Dexter was on this case, many more people would've been pleased. love that pic.
she's guilty. her defense team sucked so bad they tried at the last minute to say she's not fit to stand trial & i think it's because they feel they lost the case. i don't believe her father had anyth + 31 more characters
Ya. Right next to underpass
Another funny thng about this guy was he told me he just came to the area today but he was driving around in a white mini van with Miles City plates. Don't people realize that if we need baking soda o + 42 more characters
They came to my house yesterday. They came to my house last year with dishsoap & kept asking the kid why do you want me to take this soap so badly & all he would say I just want you to have it. I repo + 153 more characters
Mr. Walden & Mrs. Thorne(r.i.p.) Both had to be the coolest when I was there. I was lucky enough to graduate when they retired. Anyone else become a victim of the sawdust bin?
for sure. mama stellas rocks. so does stella
what # are we? i can't access this at work
I bought bread once from there when I got home, realized the back end of the loaf was moldy. God, if you can hear me, besides this bread & mice problem, why is there a Walmart?
NUMBER 8!!!!!
If i could vote, definately Beastie Boys.They do say You gotta fight for your right
the only good thing about black friday for myself is if I were to work that day, my company considers it a holiday. texas based company but hey i don't mind. but i don't work fridays. nevermind. black + 15 more characters
Thank God for Conan. I'm so happy everyone is still there. It's sad Max isn't there but the dude stills kills me.
Amen. If you are gonna buy a house, look at what it has to offer. If it turns out to be like Amityville, check with Amorette on the history, she seems to know this stuff or move. Sorry for those who + 50 more characters
messed up. what school?
sometimes the Texas does
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