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In 1998 I acquired a local print shop. I had a lot to learn about the business, but little did I know how much. Gene came by with a new piece of artwork to have prints made. He informed me that he nee + 986 more characters
My friend Gene (the Dot Man)loves parades. He served on the revived Fourth of July Parade Committee for all of its years and was always the last entrant, bringing up the rear. He recorded public servi + 768 more characters
Congratulations to you both. Art and Margie Jacobsen, Bozeman
So few words, so much truth.
Congratulations Scott. We'll be sure to stop the next time we are in town. Art and Margie
Those were fine marks and the 3-peat was indeed special. Your grandson had a very nice career. Art
I may have left the neighborhood, but still have to check in now and then. Have a great BD my friend! Art....and Margie too.
Is there an Oscar catagory for this one?
My wife just bought a Dell all in one computer that came with Windows 8 but she says it came with free McAfee antivirus. Why would it come with McAfee if Microsoft Security Essentials is built in to W + 42 more characters
RE: jail 11 years ago
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I agree with Kelly that The Star editorial lambasting the ACLU was unjustified. This problem hardly snuck up on the city and county. When government knows it has a problem and continually avoids deali + 286 more characters
When we removed the carpet, plywood, linoleum from our 1918 Miles City home we found the original maple hardwood floor. It had had a hard life. It had paint, holes, missing pieces and all kinds of abu + 391 more characters
Hey! Get back on that bike banjo man! What happened to the new you? Are you just revisiting the past?
I too got 100% and didn't think it was hard. But I was astounded by how little most people know about this legislation. The misunderstanding about ACA has been fed to the public by politicians who wan + 250 more characters
Tucker and Glenna, Miss you guys. Distance doesn't diminish your fondness for this celebration and your recollections are right on. It was a fine day. So proud to be a small part. That's the secret... + 43 more characters
Gene, Thanks for reminding and informing about the parade and 4th activities. And for posting the bio on Jim Michels, our parade marshall this year. Jim is the kind of People the parade is all about. + 362 more characters
Lawbreakers generally resist efforts to reveal their lawbreaking ways.
Marla Prells rebuke was strongly worded and I too thank her for the timely, appropriate response. There may not be words strong enough to fully denounce this outrage on so many fronts. Does anyone kno + 46 more characters
I find that this piece does a good job of describing the two sides of our all or nothing politics. It yearns for moderates/independents/compromisers as do I. The direction we are taking appears to be + 457 more characters
Once again Gene's lead-ins to the parade are almost as much fun as the parade itself.
Happy Birthday, Mister Gene
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