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Brandon, definately still in Afghanistan. Wish I was in Ohio like it says I am??
When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will carry guns.
@Brian: a thieves life isn't worth the phone charger I leave in my pickup. If they are bold enough to break into my pickup, then they are probably going to move on to breaking into my house. No my tru + 54 more characters
It seems that the humane way to stop thiefs isn't working.
If I catch anyone stealing from my pickup in my driveway I can assure them that it will be their last time. Unless their body is bulletproof of course..
Then don't complain after the police slap an assault on your buddy.
Howdy, just because you are sensitive doesn't mean you can bend the rules.
It is not illegal to call someone fat. Just saying!
Looking for someone to carpool with to the Colstrip Mine. My girlfriend is working there 8 to 5 Monday through Friday, and would like to split the costs.
There must not have been enough evidence, or the district attorney would have been taking him to trial, not the family in civil court.
The Texas Club has in the past.
A ranch hand carrying a gun? Scary!!
I don't remember her asking the local know it alls what the effects of tanning are.
Mathew, I will believe what I see before I believe some BS study. Just my 2 cents. There must be a reason good companys drug test for marijuana. It isn't because they hate to see peoples ailments gett + 10 more characters
I don't care what any study says. I have seen it first hand.
@Anastasia: Your comment might be the dumbest I have ever read on this site. Dope is a gateway drug, pure and simple. I have seen so many people ruin their lives after starting with marijuana. They ju + 51 more characters
I do believe that a soldier dying is a sign of exemplary service above and beyond. If giving your life for your country is not above and beyond, then I do not know what is. I am concerned that your ob + 128 more characters
I think he needs to go back to High School, and learn the difference between the words "sale and sell".
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