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Paint 3 years ago
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Any place in town to get rid of half full paint containers?
Where is the new place to dispose of outdated prescription drugs?
Sew Amazing by Dee. Facebook site and Phone numbers home 234-4051 and cell 714-809-5933. She does an great job!
Randy Rauh at Community Health. he is delivering babies and is very good with high risk.
I attended and enjoyed the stations and learned a lot about water safety, life jackets, swimming for safety, water rescue, and hypothermia. Great way to spend the morning. Thanks to all the groups,peo + 99 more characters
Will talk with you about it!
I am the president of sage riders and we are a private club, not a boarding facility.
Owner located and dog returned!
You can call the extension office at 406-874-3370 and Cindy can help you. She is the secretary there and she always a great help to me when I go into look up grave locations.
You can also check with the Extension office in the basement of the county courthouse. They keep the list of interments there.
RE: CCF 9 years ago
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Yes we offer spay/neuter certificates for either Vet clinic. You can call Sharon at 232-3727 for vouchers and more information. We will give vouchers for any cat or dog that you have not matter where + 197 more characters
RE: CCF 9 years ago
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Yes we are running. We don't use the website, but use a Facebook site-Custer County Fund for Animals (CCFA). We are offering financial help to spay or neuter pets.
Thanks, Gunnar and Tim for your support.
Kayce Sorry to ruin your day! I was asked to post this from several of the animal people in Miles City to help everyone become aware of what to do in these times of need because I do extensive animal + 42 more characters
LOST YOUR PET????????????????? 1. Call the police dispatcher.232-3411. They may notify animal animal control. 2. Call the dog catcher---234-6113 3. Call the both veterinarian offices- leave descript + 1500 more characters
Have the female dog, Pepper, if someone is interested in her. I can't keep her. She is sweet and house broken, just a little nervous after being dumped. Good with other dogs.
Who wants the dog found on on Hwy 59 by Tongue River Road?
So is the city budget really as voted on by the Council last Tuesday night or can it be changed? Can the mayor veto the budget? If so what does it take to override his veto? Just wanted to be sure tha + 124 more characters
Okay I am sure the patients are getting food, but I did check and sometimes there is no food left for nurses if they have to eat late.
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