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Kudos to you luvlife! Most people, myself included would not have had the "balls" to go up to a person's window and tell them how you really feel. It may not of changed a thing by you doing that but y + 146 more characters
RE: rude! 10 years ago
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Pretty sure I know who you are refering to and he is a peach for sure!
Ashten Gierke @ escape! or Sarita Dickman at All About You! Escape: 406-234-3263 All About You: 406-951-0059
Definitly Boardwalk!! no Rip n chop
I just had my first day of classes yesterday and saw one kid with a little laptop. But i think for the most part its just pen and paper.
Josh-- WOW Heartless!! Why do you even respond to posts?? 9 times out of 10 its something asinine. Grow up and have some respect!!
Omg how amazing! YAY
oct 19-30th
ss66 lmao
This is no place for his jokes Josh! Come on now how old are we?
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