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I'm still waiting Dick, get your poop in a group and get your lawsuit filed. I'm growing very impatient! Go to the court, file your vexing complaint and pay the fee. I live for this! I'm looking for a + 560 more characters
Go easy Ferret Face, Dick has a pocket full of B.S. and he'll sue you! 😂
Waiting on your big lawsuit Richard. 🤣 Come sue me Richard, I'm double dog daring you! I would beat you like a red headed step child in court. Come tough guy, let's get it on! [Edited by Scotterdog ( + 22 more characters
ohhh I see. As Mr. Ship and I were in a conversation pertaining to illegal activity, can troll his post and my thread, and AFTER I was personally attacked and stated fact I get a warnin + 572 more characters
We are once again blessed with tucker, the lead defender of Jim Jenson, has blessed us with another brilliant trolled up response. Nothing to contribute, other than touchy-feely. Sick SOB
I see tucker, another Jim Jenson, has once again trolled the thread. Nothing to contribute, other than hand jobs and back rubs, we can see his hard work is paying off. A-typical of his posts. Tucker, + 113 more characters
Ah yes, that wonderful meth induced miles city attitude. With all the queering, meth, opiates, child molesting and inbreeding you all seem to be proud of, I am truely suprised any of you can actually + 54 more characters
Funny when people don't understand legal proceedure they start with the name calling. Another junkies arbitrary opinion. Sad and pathetic how ignorant you truly are.
Full of junkies more like it. That's why the locals can get away with it.
Bob- there's that wonderful miles city attitude. Cute Seems with all the homo's in miles you must be right there in the middle, or front. [Edited by Scotterdog (8/9/2019 7:23:14 PM)]
File a federal criminal complaint Rob. It's a 1 page form, then go before the US Magistrate in Billings and swear to it under oath. Then watch a shitstorm decend upon them. If you need the form let m + 7 more characters
No but it does inform you taxes are about to skyrocket
Rob- do you have proof of no oath of office and no bond being paid? If so you need to file a criminal complaint with the us magistrate. This is as serious as murder. All cases must be over turned and + 335 more characters
Well your former jp niece was having ex parte meetings in the prosecutor office. Niece also refused to issue orders of protection against women as well refused to take a citizens criminal complaint st + 719 more characters
Mr. Shiply- for a citizen who threatens another in the state of Montana with police action is a crime. As a citizen you may present the inferior court aka justice or city court with a criminal complai + 281 more characters
The only justice you will see is if you transfer this case to federal court. Watch out for that little thing called immunity. Your appointed prosecuter judge knows this well. [Edited by Scotterdog (8/ + 19 more characters
Well it's a nice pipe dream.
I can only assume Amorate or what ever he/she goes by is a dealer or heavy user. Again, more lies posted, attempts to cover up the drug problem in MC either by a user/dealer, or a delusion POS. The "o + 859 more characters
Redheadedguy- Last weeks MC Star it was on the front page. Things have only gotten worse since the 2015 article. Published: Fri, 02/17/2017 - 3:27pm “Wyatt Glade, Custer County attorney, confirms tha + 1125 more characters
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