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I recently upgraded from a Blackberry and Now have the Droid 2. IT's awesome. Very easy to get familiar with and alot of free apps. I highly reccomend this phone.
Check with Aarons they may have a pre-leased or you may want to consider leasing one.
It sounds to me you have a pretty good husband and you guys have a good relationship! Maybe everyone with a spouse should do an interview similar to this one and see what they find out about them. Gre + 7 more characters
i take it this isnt the cam where you can make thousands a week? LOL
For all that are wondering our locally owned Valley Pawn and More was burgalrized! Not once, but twice in the last 30 days. The Miles City Police dept. have down a wonderful job and have arrested susp + 234 more characters
Our business is directly on main street, but we would be happy to have the camera. give us a call at 853-3952 if interested in discussing details
A Home Depot would be great! I was thinking it would become another casino! They will truly be missed whatever happens to their place!
how about another great guy "Jim Michaels"? He has been around awhile and always present during the BHS parade!
How about Rob Shipley? Anyone that goes to the golf course should be reminded everytime they drive by his house and used car lot? Anyone remeber the Chicken Man from KATL (I Believe?) About as popular + 284 more characters
I recently went and played poker this last week at The Trails Inn Bar, what a great experience! They have great dealers, you don't have to wait around to get anything to drink, the players where frein + 221 more characters
I haven't read this until today and I really appreciate Brian bringing out who Sally Fields real identy was. Eric your a real man hiding behind a name like that! Brian I am truly sorry for your misfor + 86 more characters
Brian, Good luck w/ whatever you're doing! Sally Fields will never identify themselves, they like to bad mouth people from behind a curtain! I hope somebody, sometime will identify them, so they can b + 39 more characters
Dennis Corbin is one of the best in town! There is also a couple of good ones inn Sidney!
Has anyone recieved a text or heard the day the entire nation is not going to buy any fuel as sort of strike? It sounds silly, but may not be a bad idea as to let the oil companys know what American's + 28 more characters
The building code is a minimum of 30 p.s.f. but to get an exact you have to call the local building inspector. He has the final say so, because they are calculated by elevation, for the area or you ca + 27 more characters
Sally, Thanks for your inquiry. Sami and I own Schneider's Valley Construction and we would like the oppurtunity to work w/ you. We would be glad to give you names and phone numbers of several refrenc + 203 more characters
This is what I have been trying to tell everyone on here about the Nelson's and A.J. himself. After all, He screwed my family out of the Olive. Here comes the proof of what kind of people they really + 515 more characters
I think you should ask Rick Dittus, I would personally like to dunk him. He's always willing to help out with a good cause, especially of this nature.
My Favorite and probally the one that has helped me the most with everyday living is Jack Larson! I still look up to hom and respect him!
Sometimes when two people stray apart, there are other reasons behind it. If and when they do work things out, they have a better understaning of each other and learn what they had really just about l + 269 more characters
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