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love this start!! Thank you. I absolutely know nothing about what i am doing. i remember first feeling this when i was younger. its that humble thing so important for me to keep a handle on.
love this start!! Thank you. I absolutely know nothing about what i am doing (for those of you who know me well and are about to comment-shut Do I just go and speak to someone there or are + 22 more characters
ever taste something that you couldnt stop till it was gone? Haagen Dazs coffee ice cream is mine
I am lookinng for ways I can volunteer in my community. I would love to see everybodys ideas. PLEASE DO NOT use this chain to critisize sny post within this chain. Miles City has always had good peopl + 15 more characters
buck:So what i think you are saying is that nothing is out of bounds for political football? i couldnt care less what Obama thinks. Do you ACTUALLY think obama or any of his cronies reads this?? Or is + 369 more characters
Using Big Bird for political gain was the lowest i have ever seen any body go. Come on Obama. If you want Americans to believe anything you say, you need to be one of us. Apparently you are unable to + 225 more characters
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I was at an event few chance to see. Yesterday 10 or so real good pilots from Bozeman to Glendfive, Sidney to Sheridan came together to simultaneously fly their remote controled airplanes each with a + 772 more characters
64 bit os has its issues...your best bet in my opinion would be a mirror of some or other...but a backup can only be truly verified if you have to use it. the mirror idea using redundancy + 52 more characters
i hope nobody is still following this post. i can not believe the petty BS. what would you guess the average age so far? 9? I for one accept your agitation over the experience. Your best bet is probab + 296 more characters
I say go with your dreams. If you have the drive and determination to succeed with a business plan, I for one would love to see a new business suceed in miles city. As you are doing here, you need to + 414 more characters
I have done a several homes in miles city. References upon request is no problem. You can reach me at 406-853-5881
Hey i like palins boobs.
Dont take it personally AD. There is nothing wrong with what you did. Just some here have a thing for perfection and loose site of the real meaning of life (what ever that is).
WOW! And i understood what just happened!! I must be from Miles City.
This is a very difficult one to grasp for me. I met Brian through Travis. Brian was always thoughtful of others. He taught me unconditional thoughtfulness. He taught me that even if you really dont ca + 375 more characters
Miles City Chamber of Commerce. url for more information.
There were definitely reasons our folks did wbat they did. you hit the nail on the head gunnar. kids need parents not more friends but they do need friends too. unfortunately good parents do not get t + 208 more characters
I understood it as our local government had heard rumblings from Helena that they were looking at zoning as well as a few other details left out of the first run of this idea of MMJ, which wasnt a tot + 410 more characters
This affects only new dispencary applications. There will be no new dispencaries authorized by the city of Miles City for now, and it is unclear for how long. Those approved for Medical Marajuana are + 1060 more characters
"....taking this whole process and shoving it straight up their asses"....would you prefer the alternrative?? In countries like Iraq they dont pay taxes.... Those who dont like it here can always move + 127 more characters
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