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Maybe ask this question on one of the Miles City facebook pages. Just a thought!
We're also having this little shopping event for Mother's Day down at the winery! Come on down to the Tongue River Winery on Saturday, May 3rd and do a little shopping (and sipping) for the special MO + 466 more characters
They're terrible and Billings Clinic isn't much better!
Newt actually has a wireless fencing system. Same as he had when he lived in town.
I had the pleasure of meeting Seth Kantner while teaching Elementary School in Kotzebue, Alaska. I took me fishing with his family and I got to stay in his wall tent on the Chucki Sea beach. If you'r + 196 more characters This is the youtube link to the Belleau Wood, by garth Brooks. There's also a Reader's Theatre (like a play) called the Christmas Truce of 1914. I once taug + 96 more characters
The reindeer are supposed to be at Murdoch's this Saturday, December 8th from 11am to 3pm.
Is this Kid's Christmas Store for kids to sell items?? Just curious!
What is the address to this dental office??
Will the Caledonian Dancers be dancing? They did a great job last year!
We can't wait to see the new Kinsey Gym!
Last year around this time there was a little festival on main street; Caledonia dancers, craft vendors, etc... Does anyone know if such an event will take place this year?
I'm guessing Kinsey School would love them!
OK, 5.1" does seem like a lot for an hour... but I know so much rain came down so fast that it didn't have time to soak in and places that I didn't even realize could hold water were.
We also live in Bergerson Ranchettes and it was scary windy and rain was coming down in all directions! We don't have a rain gauge, but I believe milestown. We have friends that got 1.5in. in Kinsey.
What ages?
If I'm not mistaken poplar/aspen trees have one root system that can produce many many trees.
I would be interested. I have a 14 month old and newborn. Days? Times?
Kleetus was with a family on the north side of town and we have him back! Thank you all!
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