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Buck, If your "huh" comment is an indicator that you were confused as to why out last message was posted, we were responding to jhaggerty, who I believe was responding to an earlier message we posted. + 218 more characters
We've never heard anyone use the word "some" to refer to anything less than two...but in this case...we certainly don't mean anything quite so small. There is an uncountable "some" of us who still hav + 117 more characters
Well, I'd say she's certainly older than 8. I've not seen an 8-year old who wrote at the level that this girl wrote at. I always thought that having paddleboats would be a great idea at the Oasis.
RE: My ex... 19 years ago
No, some of us still have morals.
I would have thought that putting "darn liberals" in the title would have drawn out some liberal bashers...hmmm...but it seems like only liberals trying to defend their point of view showed up. Maybe + 36 more characters
What is it with these darn liberals???
"Fish are friends, not food." "Escapae...that's funny, it's spelled just like escape!" "Oh, you made me ink." "That is a really big butt." ~Finding Nemo
The Olive is known as "The Historic Olive Hotel" so yeah, its gotta be historical. It has a bar/lounge with a pool table and some poker machines. Couldn't tell you anything about the history of the h + 406 more characters
My ex... 19 years ago
We need some expert love advice from all of you out there. When you are talking about your ex-significant other while telling a story, do you refer to them as your "ex" -your "friend"- or use their na + 104 more characters
"That big blue wet thing" -Muppet Treasure Island "No silly, the man who lives inside my finger hired them" - MTI "Laugh it up Fuzzball!" -Empire Strikes Back
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