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url You don't have to run an ad.
Thanks for the plug. This site works well for us to reach MC & surrounding communities. You get an instant response to your message.
Just an FYI These banner ads work. I would not use them if they didn't.
url Goff & his crew did a great job for us twice on camera jobs. Worth every penny.
I know I advertise, but toss mine in any how. If I win, donate it to Wake Up & Lace Up. Seems fair enough to me.
Looks like the "Founder" badge is working overtime.
Congrats! Is there a specific size upload for a profile image?
I have been pleased with my ads. I'm going to start another soon. Thanks
Using Chrome & it is all whacked right now.
Good for you. The new site will be a great opportunity.
What's an upgrade?
I'm kinda surprised at that. Can't say I have ever had a bad dealing with a kid from Broadus.
He / She is running around the Aye / Dent Addition area. It is white, spots & dark head w/ blue collar. It also has a bobbed tail. It has been having a blast in the corn field on Cemetery road. Dog a + 46 more characters
^ I agree with the above. Our rates increased also.
Apparently there are fake $20. dollars bills being passed around locally. The bills are a hair smaller than normal, & the back of the bill is inverted. {I confirmed this with my bank before posting.}
^Hal I doubt it as it was written in pencil on the back of it twice. Perhaps it was a mistake... However the mirror wound up here. It's no big deal, I just had not heard of that place so I wondered w + 12 more characters
It is a huge mirror, so perhaps it had something to do with clothing.
"Old Fashion Inn" Anyone remember anything about that business? I'm trying to date it. We have a huge mirror that came out of it & I have never heard of it.
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