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@Webmaster - Thank you for sharing the genealogy information. Earl Peden was my grandfather.
Additional living relatives: David Anderson, Rosalie Hurd, Billie Goggin. Would be interested in information on the Irish family.
All I did was make an observation. Unfortunately, with today's technology, privacy is not what it once was.... Do you know the meaning of sanctimonious? I believe it might apply!
Do you really believe that if a family member saw the picture of the house in the Billings Gazette that they wouldn't recognize it? I know the house and I haven't lived in Miles City for 40 years....I + 103 more characters
Does anyone know where the playoff games will be shown this weekend? It sounded to me like it is a pay-per-view type of situation. Are there any businesses planning satellite parties?
The first thing I thought of when I read the question was Airport Inn finger steaks!
This site is an incredible asset! The information has been posted in a timely and informative manner. I was impressed as I monitored coverage of the fire. Now, however, I am in awe! I am currently wo + 338 more characters
Glenda/Shu Thanks for the pictures of the pictures from Anthony's--and the reminences about other businesses that suffered from past fires. As tragic as this fire has been, I do enjoy the journey dow + 16 more characters
Miles City burning AGAIN--it is an unusual heritage--one that breaks my heart. I would like to see a list of all the businesses that have burned in the last 50 years. The Crossroads, Alta Club, Leon P + 112 more characters
Born and raised in Miles City--still have family and friends there and am heartbroken to see more of the town turn to ash... Thank you to everyone providing information and pictures. Those of us livin + 134 more characters
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