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RIP to Ted. I was school aged when the other two brothers passed. what a chaotic time in history that was. What i find more offensive then some people's opinions of him on this forum is how a book can + 161 more characters
contact DEAP Resource and Referral program at 234-6034. They can probably get you that information. Also Child Care licensing at 234-4581. I am sure Sharla can also let you know which programs are in + 18 more characters
so, i am curious, do i dare ask what is the question or motive to make such an inquiry?
my brother used to own one of those. it was more of a yudon'tgo
i just think the whole thing is awesome and what great fun.
i am not aware of terry's departure from CCDHS. if that occurred, it has been very recent like within the last 2 or 3 months. Thought he was still there. I have only been gone from Miles for 2 months. + 210 more characters
i would have to add Terry Annalora to those who i considered well known, well respected and maybe popular in Miles City. Like the Hartses before him, he has inspired many a student in his years of tea + 189 more characters
here's to opening nite of the revitalized open mic. wish i was there to join you. miss you all.
what an awesome night it was. thank you all so much for bringing your instruments and voices and company and great food. i am truly speechless. I will miss all of you especially being able to be a par + 212 more characters
geez, there is a lot of that going around. i've gotten calls all day. Unfortunately, wasn't available to bail any of them out. some friend i am... I saw Joe today and he didn't look too worse for wear + 100 more characters
sounds like it will be awesome.
Jan is your mom? How awesome. She has been on my mind lately as i heard she was living up there. I would love to be involved in the music ministry there. Small world......
Nancy, i am confused by your post. I am unsure if you are referring to this bookstore open mic or places in general. If it is regarding the musicians being charged at this bookstore, then i am afraid + 292 more characters
I hope you and Glenna plan to come out for a little while. one last jam.....
Thank you Shu. I will miss your family very much. Your Dad and mom are the greatest. Thank you Wendy. i am looking forward to the adventures and return to the mountains.
i will truly miss open mic nite. it was a great outlet and kept me motivated to play my guitar and update my music. What an awesome supportive group you all were (and hopefully still are). I know that + 987 more characters
my mother's potica. her specialty. my brother would always get the roll sent to him. mom finally realized the rest of us siblings felt deserving too. never a written recipe, just one of those that was + 346 more characters
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