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Caroline Wetmore (Hay)and Tammy Yankoff. Best friends of mine that couldn't stand each other. They would tolerate each other at a together but you didn't want to get between them - you could get hit w + 135 more characters
I too remember the Squirrel Lady!! I was raised on 4th and Orr so spent many a day at the park and yes, she was a very interesting lady to talk too. She was the inspiration that led me to make "friend + 410 more characters
Can anyone tell me when the paddlefish make their run(or if they still do)? I'm hoping to make a trip home and would love to be able to show my kids. I thought it was in May which would be perfect as + 235 more characters
Haven't visited this site for quite some time and have just spent a great time catching up on everything. I too took piano lessons from Mrs. Cooper (I was born in '59) as did my older brother. In fact + 440 more characters
Some time ago I posted a messege asking if anyone knew how to get a hold of an old friend - Caroline Wetmore (Hay). Her mom saw the post and e-mailed me, I replied with my phone number and soon, after + 1781 more characters
Damn, got to thinking and I believe that Parker may have been his first name! Had an older brother Sam................... Oh dear, think my "some-timers" is turning into "alls-timers"! Anyway, going + 263 more characters
Oh my gosh, talk about a small world. One of the gals I work with (in Sultan WA - we're both mangers at a McD's) is related to "all the Andersons" in MC!! Her grandfather used to own the cafe next to + 518 more characters
You know you're from Miles City when nodding and saying "hi" to passing strangers is second nature - even after being gone for over 20 years! Reading all these notes and remembering the Penguin, the + 334 more characters
I just want to say to Ella and the family how deeply sorry I am for their loss. I didn't know Dave that well persnally but I knew he touched many lives.............Who could forget the famous spelling + 573 more characters
Carbon Hill!! Haven't thought of it in ages and what a storm of memories that came raging through!! If what you say is true..........truly that is a shame!! Yes, times were safe back in the "when" Hea + 4 more characters
Thanks so much for the reply, I'll definately look up Stan's # now and Mr. Hay's too.
If Stan Wheeler is still around, he's my oldest son's Godfather. I'd heard he was at KATL. And does anyone remember Hays Print Shop? I'd like to get in touch with their daughter Caroline. My e-mail a + 47 more characters
Wow! After all theses years I finally have an explanation for why I am the way I am! Especially the "talking to much" :0)))) Had to show it to my husband and say "see, I'm really ok"! One day while w + 455 more characters
You would correct, I would've graduated in '77 but I turned 18 and quit 6 weeks before graduation because I was soooo smart LOL! Reality truly does bite! Finally got around to getting my GED (at 30) a + 668 more characters
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Was bored and surfing around and was pleasantly surprised to see the old home town has it's own web site! I haven't been back in about 20 yrs - except for a brief visit with my brother in '99. I was o + 2137 more characters
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