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38. Alder? (Alder Gulch?)
Where we are located in WI is also considered zone 3, plus our buildings & yard are located in somewhat of a cove which must create a "cold pocket" because our temps are usually 10 degrees below what + 6864 more characters
RE: E85 9 years ago
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Thanks guys, I'm happy to hear your good reports on the 5.3 liter - I hadn't been able to find much about it online, so appreciate your input. My husband said the problem would develop over time, depe + 1412 more characters
Suella~ I remember singing at the TV station at least one time when I was a kid - there was a group of us - it was during one of the broadcasts by Reverend Ray Reeder, probably 1975. Also, one time my + 234 more characters
RE: E85 9 years ago
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My husband said he doesn't care what E85 costs at the pump, he doesn't ever want me using it in our 2012 Suburban - says it's not very good for the engine. It will wear out faster, causing the owner t + 1447 more characters
I'm fairly new to this site, but having once lived in MC, it is bringing back many memories of places & people I knew back then. I'd like to add to this thread a wonderful couple whom I haven't seen m + 1085 more characters
Okay, at the risk of having Richard or Brian or anyone else here make fun of me, I wish to chime in. Firstly, I do know the original post was from 2009, but I believe the mountain lion populations hav + 2404 more characters
Thought I'd pass these on - maybe a collector will see them... url For this "birds-eye view" the "bird" must have been on the water tower? url url url Hoopes book: url url (The sender is "still a + 499 more characters
I found some old photos of the wreck for sale on ebay (original 1938 press release photos): url url url url Thought perhaps there may be a collector out there that might read this reply. (Unfortunatel + 90 more characters
I found for sale on ebay: url url url url So fun to read about & look at the photos...
My best guess: 4/26/09 We(?) are on a field trip and waiting for a train. In the heart of the cattle country. Great Stuff. Ned To: Mrs. C E Clifford Hoodfords(?) Maine(?) (address most likel + 60 more characters
Photo postcard from 1909 of Reform School, Miles City, for sale on ebay: url Difficult to read all the writing on the back...
There are a few postcards/photos listed on ebay: url url url And a bottle for sale: url The photos might help those who've not seen the buildings, to get a better idea of them...
Thanks so much, Ike - I really appreciate your reply. I had never heard of Napoleon, that is really interesting. When I was a kid, I saw the movie which I believe was called "Comanche" - I think it s + 4424 more characters
Awesome old map - wish it covered more area to the south tho, it's got so much more detail than others I've seen from this time period. Hey Ike - there's the island you mentioned in your reply to me + 523 more characters
Cathy, Have you read or heard of this particular article before? If not, you can click on the link above which will take you to the "listing ended page" & then at the end of the title, click on the b + 780 more characters
Hi Cathy! I'm so glad you replied! I'm so sorry you missed out on the ebay listing - I saw this afternoon that it had sold. Sometimes when I shop on there, I do a random check for things I've been int + 886 more characters
Okay, for anyone interested: Catherine Byron is descended from this Lynch family - if you want to check out her webpage: it's very interesting. Apparently she's in the process of + 489 more characters
Here is info from Patrick Hugh Lynch's Find-A-Grave page: url "Patrick H. Lynch and Family On May 7, 1827, Patrick Hugh Lynch was born the second son in a family that grew to number eight. He spent hi + 5138 more characters
I found this on Find-A-Grave under Barney Lynch's page (he was Hugh's uncle) - things get curiouser & curiouser... I wonder just how many stories are out there about this Hugh Boyle... url "While no r + 1793 more characters
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