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I know I posted a reply this afternoon, on this forum. It was there, but now gone. I am confused. Web Master HELP please.
Tomm- not so sure of that, we waited a good 18 months before we decided to do it ourselves. Good guy and all just never seem to be able to get back to us.
Good people,much fun,cool prizes...check it out!
Wondering if anyone has been kind enough to stop and give the poor soul that stands out by Walmart anything besides money? Myself I have not. I have talked to two others who have. One offered a bag of + 376 more characters
You will love it. I read it front to back without stopping. Walmart has it.
It has been 2 years. We still miss you. You are still on our minds and our hearts are still very heavy. ALWAYS..
What ever you do...don't give up/back down. If you don't care for or take care of you're own who will? It is remarkable the imprint that can be left on an impressionable child. Life long. Be the voice + 38 more characters
I often wonder if teachers are aware of the life long impact they have on their students, both positive and negative. My second grade teacher at Garfield school was the best. Mrs. Nirohr/Williams. Not + 460 more characters
Richard you are and continue to be hilarious..Dona wish my son had been at that mall...Korky II as long as they aren't on my block...Dan miss you and yours cousin.We think of you all often.
As does gymnastics,cheerleaders,hockey,basketball, rodeo, girl scouts, boy scouts ect.. whats your point?
I have often wondered why we have no such establishment here. Sure would like to see one instead of another "burger joint". Don't see it happening tho. I LOVE LONG JOHN SILVERS!! I am far to old to em + 190 more characters
I hope her attorneys follow through. Once again I don't think this was the first or last for this "man".(God that last word tasted like dung when I typed it."
Emelie- I love it!! I do just the same, smile and wave. The indignant look on their face is priceless.
My son has informed me that this is an overgrown iguana with buckteeth. Can't say as I've seen it myself.
Smiley this sounds like a beef between just you and daughter..why bring up mothers mistakes? Just wondering.
Oh my, would that be she or the daughter. None the less you are a very pretty girl. Look alot like my youngest sister. Carry on....
Bruce I'd like to think it is "B".
Kinda makes you wonder. If you leave nothing insight will they pass you by? If there is anything insight will locked doors stop them or will they just add broken windows to the insult? Anyway, I hope + 168 more characters
After church, walked around the yard with my grandson, looked at all the leftover leaves and yuck and thought this is way more than I want to tackle today, tomorrow or ever. Maybe I'll get in the grov + 11 more characters
" Just trying to reassure the people that there was a REASON that he did it and he and the victim probably knew each other so he isn't likely to re-offend " OMG Levi, really you can't be serious. Rega + 220 more characters
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