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The United States of America is NOT a democracy!!! It is a Republic. It has been since 1776!
Gunnar- Im good friends with Sue, and she doesnt get this either so its no "inside joke". However, I do know that she would say " No, get the hell out of my way and let me do this! In the process of c + 139 more characters
Richard, Are you an Obama Supporter in 2012??
Its so cold out.... that Richard crawled up the turkeys butt to come up with all these fowl jokes!!
I live in a very rural area in MT. and I do homeschool my child.Four years ago when I pulled him from public school(a little country school) it was of a VERY poor teacher.I was not the only one that y + 1146 more characters
This wind is/was state wide. I just went 28hrs without electricity. Howerver Im setup for "interuptions" like this . It just makes chore time longer than normal.
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