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There are now lies, alternate facts and slips of the tongue. I think it was last week that pumpkinhead was congratulating Mueller on his great work. For some strange reason, that has changed.
Just ask the president.
The Kritters are Kommies!?
The orange of that parody is The Battle of New Orleans.
Most excellent Mr. Ellingson!
No intelligence.
Well, dang. But still an amazing season!
How about the Lady Pioneers! 33-0! Ranked #17 in the country and headed to their national tournament! No matter how it turns out - this has to be one of the most historically amazing sports stories i + 21 more characters
My wife and I drove the east side of Flathead Lake today. There was some open water but the lake was more frozen than its been since we've been here. We also have close to two feet of snow on the grou + 259 more characters
Ironically, Oddjob, thanks to Trump I am betting you'll be forced to live with a Democratic president that makes Obama look like John Wayne on the liberal - conservative scale. ESPECIALLY if Trump man + 39 more characters
That pic is totally disgusting but not as sickening as that idiotic hugging of the flag Trump pulled at the CPAC conference yesterday.
...of the Crime. Kraft was busted at an Asian massage parlor in Florida. Clearly he was supporting his close friend, Individual # 1, in his quest to stop human trafficking. Discuss.
How about trading us to Mexico for the wall?
The State of the Union is bleauckkkk!
And take the Rams with you.
Pretty awesome, Gunnar! As usual, Snowy......Huh!
A real class act! Its about time!
It took me a while, Richard but.....groan.
Gunnar. You think THAT was dumb! Scott Sales, president of the MT Senate, wants to send 8 million bucks from our stat's taxpayers to fund the wall.
Took long enough.
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