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Trump finally treats a woman with respect and now you people are complaining!
Trump is trying to push the idea that Fauci has made serious mistakes during the Covid crisis - mostly by playing earlier statements by Dr. Fauci out of context. It's OK though. Trump recently retweet + 89 more characters
I don't know about Dominoes but until Miles City gets a Long John Silver, it will not be complete.
In a good way
That is crazy!
My favorite Trump generosity story is when he skipped a presidential debate to stage a rally and raise 5 million bucks for wounded warriors (or some such charity). He didn't pony up until much later w + 54 more characters
And take cnn with him. Imagine the thoughtful political dialogue they could enjoy.
WTF is a commences? God, cnn. You do realize you can correct your posts before you send them, don't you?
Not me, Bobdodo. I plan on spending a good deal of it supporting Democratic candidates. And some of the rest will be spent on things to stimulate the economy. Kudos to the House and Senate for getting + 9 more characters
You keep posting in the wrong thread, cnn.
Sadly, Montana is filling up with Montuckians who make the Duck Dynasty crew look like Nobel(or "Noble" as Trump says) Prize winners.
The Murder Hornets are Hoax to make Trump lose the election.
I'm just bummed that I missed it.
God, Guns and Trump!? Does this mean you're leaving, Chachi?
its a somewhat convoluted and complicated pun but I like it.
"Kids" meaning anyone under 70.
Thanks for clarifying, Richard.
Enough with the joking around! It is apparent this will be a serious pandemic. Citizens of the U.S. need to become familiar with the symptoms of Coronavirus. These symptoms include: 1. Mild to severe + 269 more characters
The first sentence I thought of was 'You're doing a great job, Brownie'.
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