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I couldn't put it down!
In your face, David!
Turkey has just launched an offensive against the Kurds, our allies, in northern Syria. A proud moment for America! Thank heavens the Trump Tower(s) in Turkey will now be much safer!
"White haired guy". HAHAHAHAHAHA!
That's a heck of a beat down.
Good point, Redmond! Now lets go back and make sure Hillary isn't still running that sex-trafficking ring at the pizzaria.
Trump looks like he takes his makeup cues from a white-tailed deer.
Yeah, Gunnar. Rudy is reaching Trump proportions of douchiness,
Gunnar. As long as it drives Trump crazy for awhile (not a high bar there),I am happy. Side note - Bill Barr, Devin Nunez and Lindsey Graham are three of the most disappointing lackey hacks in history + 62 more characters
I understand Jeff Regan is the head coach. I think he'll do a great job!
How the heck did that calf get over there? It would've had to cross the Tongue! Although I realize this time of year that probably isn't a tough go.
I left out a 'we'.
Bath Salts! Why can't be more like Scatterbraindog and just be high on life?
Bromance in the works.
I believe you are right, Hal.
The coulee leading to the 1902 Bridge from Sheffield Road was a favorite spot for keggers and plinking with your .22 in my day. If I remember correctly, a kegger held their would be announced as "At t + 75 more characters
It's like Trump mated with Jabba the Hut.
The latter.
If it keeps up for over four hours, call a doctor.
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