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Thanks for clarifying, Richard.
Enough with the joking around! It is apparent this will be a serious pandemic. Citizens of the U.S. need to become familiar with the symptoms of Coronavirus. These symptoms include: 1. Mild to severe + 269 more characters
The first sentence I thought of was 'You're doing a great job, Brownie'.
Oh for....!
Gunnar - Sadly, Bolton also favors money over country.
Do tell, Earl.
Mike made it through without any penalties and played every offensive snap as far as I could tell.Way to go, kid!
Trump's defense team includes Ken Starr and Alan Douchowitz. No baggage there. At this point in their careers they are basically show ponies. And YES to Lindsey Graham.
Jim - Pence has bought into every lie Trump has put out there. And that's saying something. You can pretty much forget the phony Christian B.S. in his case.
Sadly, we are living in Trump's post facts world.
Why not Pelosi?
The Cats got 14 points closer this time. In three or four years we ought to be caught up.
I have a feeling the Cats may have Troy Anderson back this week, not that they've needed him. I also have a feeling the Cats won't get drubbed like last year.
You left out Moscow Mitch, Richard,
Not bad - two of the eight remaining teams are from Montana. The Cats have Austin Peay at home and the Griz pretty much kicked Weber's butts earlier this season. Its also impressive that the Big Sky + 125 more characters
Perhaps fatherhood explains muley's calm demeanor.
Damn I wish mule train was still around!
Before this game, Laurel was about the only team that gave the pokes real trouble. So much for that!
The GOPers on the committee are going to be knocking sand out of their ears for the next twenty years from sticking their heads in it. Also - congrats to the GOP for finding a new chief weasel in Jim + 83 more characters
Right you are, Jody!
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