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The State of the Union is bleauckkkk!
And take the Rams with you.
Pretty awesome, Gunnar! As usual, Snowy......Huh!
A real class act! Its about time!
It took me a while, Richard but.....groan.
Gunnar. You think THAT was dumb! Scott Sales, president of the MT Senate, wants to send 8 million bucks from our stat's taxpayers to fund the wall.
Took long enough.
If current trends continue, 'The Perfect Gift' ill be popular among the rank and file of the GOP. Even RR will want one.
Ah yes! Sadly, the "Secretary of the Interior" Flag will no longer be flying over the capital.
A little Karma is better than no Karma.
Please! Your references regarding Individual-1 show a lack of respect towards the United States Presidency!
Yo, Richard! I see NDSU's head coach is heading to Kansas State.
Pretty much ;-(. I was hoping they could have kept it a little closer.
Keep in mind...with about 20 seconds left in the last Cat/Griz game I wouldn't have bet a nickel the Cats would pull it out.
My heart says the Cats win big. My brain says Bison by at least 20.
Wait! Doesn't everyone have a large, plump, smoked watermelon as their main Thanksgiving dish? Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Hell yeah!
I am guessing, Gunnar, Choate had the refs ear and, with excellent timing, called for the timeout just before the play. Therefore - no play. Hauck did the same on the previous play except his team had + 449 more characters
Whoa! Instant classic!!
i am guessing he is enjoying the game so far. It's not good when the MVP of the team you are rooting for is the punter.
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