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I will have the call today for all of the Southern C Girls Basketball Games on KATL 770 locked on the horns. Also games will be on the internet at hit the listen now icon. All 4c girls w + 243 more characters
The best part of the 4c was when the Fireman went out to the hospital and brought Miles City's own leprechaun Bobby Kinney to the tourney. Bobby had fallen and broke his hip. The firefighters brought + 273 more characters
The first day is in the books. 6 games down 18 more to go. I will have the call for 6 more games today on KATL or catch updates on my twitter account @22statman. If you get a chance to watch the Melst + 105 more characters
The biggest littlest tournament is back in town the 4c. Catch all the action on KATL 770 am We will have all 24 games starting Wed at 11:00 am and concluding on Championship Sat. Cheer for your favori + 7 more characters
It was a great defensive battle for the Cowboys, last night. The Cowboys will play Havre at home on Friday night for parents night. Then on the following Saturday they will host a play off game. If th + 251 more characters
Brian, thanks for all the work you do. It helps us radio guys out with the great stats that you keep. I know that this is a labor of love for you. I wish there was a way to repay you. Keep up the goo + 161 more characters
Border Steele in town buys cans and have a fair special of 40 cents a pound
I would be very interested in the venture. I sell sports memoriabilia and always looking for a place to sell. Good luck and let me know. You can call me on my cell phone anytimae and leave a message 4 + 9 more characters
Coach Ash has been fired. Too bad now the GRIZ will not have one win every season. GRIZ dominated the lowly cats. Now on to SDakota state.
Dan Stanton was a great coach but mainly he was a great man. I met Dan a long time ago back when he and his Brother Rob brought his students into the card shop. Both brothers were patient and you coul + 430 more characters
The Cowboys will be on the road Friday night as they continue their out of state rivarly with the boys from Powell Wyoming. Should be a competitive game as the Cowboys will look to reload and not rebu + 524 more characters
Probably in the next 2 years we will be moving to 70 foot bases. You are right that is quite a jump from 60 fooot to 90 foot when they will be moving on to Babe Ruth. Good luck today as the 13u allsta + 39 more characters
Miles City lost a great friend, but Heaven has gained a Big Bears fan. My heart and prayers go out to the Watts family
Brian, I can't get me email please email me at [email protected] Thanks
Whitefish Bulldogs win Great game outcome sucks as the Cowboys lose. Cowboys with a great season. Just come up a little short
incomplete Whitefish takes over on downs Miles City has 3 timeouts 28 seconds
4th down 10 with 35 seconds left
Cowboys score lead by 1 with 250 left in the game
Whitefish now leads 28-23 656 to play
First field goal all year for the cowboys 27 yarder Cowboys lead 23 21
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