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Wish we could be there.
I could see this. Another reason I want to move from Miles City. They have every place closed up. No place to have access to fish or camp anymore, unless you have a boat or own property.
Hopefully it wasn't poison grain, now ate by birds of prey....
I do think they are joking with him and he seems to be going along with it. I am sure he is man enough and confident with him self enough, to put up with thier remarks, whether in fun or not...
I always carry a couple trash bags in my vehicle to clean up after the 'slobs'. My son & I used to go to the park/Oasis the day after the fireworks show and clean up. We were out at Spotted Eagle las + 189 more characters
I'm assuming there wasn't enough kids for the junior league bowling on Monday nights....? We showed up and no one there. Sons very dissapointed... Once the weather gets bad, kids will be wanting somet + 11 more characters
RE: Jet 9 years ago
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LOL. He must have seeded another pasture a few weeks ago. It took off then, too.
Jet 9 years ago
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Whats with the jet taking off at 5:30 a.m.? Scared the crap out of us! lol. Thought it was coming through the house...
We went in 2010. It was great! Lots of friendly people, venders, good food and fun. The sheep stalled out half way down, when a ladies little dog ran out to herd, too. LOL
I have one that wants to bowl!
I noticed the life jackets were missing. When ever we are out there, fishing or swimming we end up picking them up off the beach & putting them away. Also noticed the vandalism (spray paint) on the re + 312 more characters
Maybe Red Rock Sporting goods.
I can't wait to see how many children will be playing in Triangle park, this summer, when its 100 degrees and no shade. It looks disgusting!
What a great time. Thanksfor coming to Miles City!
Lakeside is still open? It was scary 25 years ago!Lol
Great night. Thank you!
The Running Wild Club. or M.C. Stampeders.
Conan. I don't think they have it any more. They were having meetings at the Airport Inn on Wednesdays I think....
KRTV Great Falls Got a few reports of people hearing loud "booms" in Great Falls - no word on cause - any of you heard them? Like · · Share · 2892 · 3 hours ago ·
You could check at the library. I know they used to have a story hour on certain days...
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