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I am sure this will open a can of opinions... Why? Why is this entertainment? Why would you pay to see two people fight? So there ya go have at it..
WHAT IS THE PROBLEM..Your kid is graduating from High School.. Do you know how many do not make it to graduation. Regardless of the day make the day as special and eventfull as possible full of memori + 117 more characters
I had a conversation with my daughter yesterday afternoon while walking down the dyke. She was talking about a girl in one of her classes that was pregnant. She went on to explain how she could not do + 655 more characters
Please people get a hold of yourselves and act like adults. So many of the threads get so far out of hand, all any of you are doing is showing your ignorance. We are not here to judge, we are not here + 132 more characters
Soooo is the a CNA class this summer
Please supply inforamtion about tickets and time..I have several that are asking at work...Thank You
I believe there is a need for a courier service from Miles City to Billings. Not just for stuff but for people. I know a lot of the ageing that do not like to drive to Billings that would gladly pay t + 253 more characters
Wow that is the pot calling the kettle Black, and by the way Josh we all can reply to as many post as we want and you can't stop me nananananan Am i now speaking your language
Common sense is not very Common
WOW Josh....You just do not know when to stop....
People PLEASE remember this is a family from our community and the kids go to school with our kids. Be kind and understanding PLEASE Lets show compasion. We have not walked in their shoes, we are not + 75 more characters
Ok never mind
Thank you for the advise old wise one BUT my mood is just fine. It was just a simple question no need to creat another of your babbling threads...I am not a MAN
another very very intelligent statement from MILESCITY>>>bloger It was just a question, didn't your mom tell you to be nice or shut-up
WOW, now there is no bigotry here.
To the wonderful people who corrected my spelling I applaud you however, you still missed the point.
To all of you scratching your heads, and wondering who cares.... There is not a post on the web site that does not get stupid.. I for one only check things out when very very very board at work. Often + 127 more characters
Regardless of religous beliefs the reason for christmas has been lost. My question is why only once a year do we acknowledge the ones we love with fancy gifts? Do you only love them once a year? Of co + 529 more characters
When is the christmas stroll????
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