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Wonderful news-- Annie has been found! She is currently being bailed out of doggie jail. Thanks to all who kept one eye open for her!
My daughter recently had to move from her home and was unable to find anything that would allow her to keep her dog, Annie. So Annie had to go live with a friend in the Veterans Cemetery area and go f + 1050 more characters
Come to the Bunny Trail at Holy Rosary Healthcare Extended Care Saturday, April 7 3:00 - 4:00 Held indoors in the Extended Care halls Kids 10 & under We are a tear-free ev + 402 more characters
luvlife, thank you for your point of view and for giving me a reality check. I, myself, have pointed out to others in the past that the questions and curiosity is mostly well-meant concern for the vic + 520 more characters
AshleyDawn-evidently you are a little slow so I'll explain a bit more concisely: This particular incidence is not merely drama. This is a real-life and a very horrible incident involving real people w + 310 more characters
Amorette, thank you for your post-at least some of you get it, and I thank you for standing up for the Donnelly's and other families whose tragedies have been plastered on mc.com just to satisfy the c + 2906 more characters
Holy Rosary Extended Care will be hosting their "Bunny Trail" for kids 10 & under. It's not really an egg hunt--kids follow along the halls where they receive eggs, treats, and prizes by playing games + 264 more characters
So as long as we are ranting... What's the deal with people leaving their rummage sale signs on the street corners all summer long? Does it really take that much effort to remove the damned things aft + 194 more characters
I don't think these horses are very old, but maybe unrideable as you say. I don't mean they've gone without exercise because they have not been ridden-I mean they have not been out of their small pens + 500 more characters
Food just showed up today!
The owners have been spoken to numerous times-which is why there is now a "No Trespassing" sign posted on the property and neighbors are barred from hopping the fence and feeding the horses in the own + 958 more characters
Thanks everyone for your input. Stewart, you've given me some things to consider, and you may be right about them being fed while I'm unaware of it happening-but I don't think that is the case here ve + 1226 more characters
Can anyone help point me in the right direction for reporting animal neglect? I've observed several horses in town who are not skin and bones but are frequently left hungry and thirsty, without exerci + 645 more characters
Those who are able-bodied and yet choose to exploit the system should go hungry. I agree,however, do the children of that able-bodied mooch deserve to go hungry too?
There's no denying there are a fair number of public assistance recipients abusing the system. I don't pretend to have the answers to this sad situation, but we've all seen it happening around us. In + 2083 more characters
The Extended Care at Holy Rosary Healthcare will be inviting kids to join their festivities Saturday, April 3rd from 2:00 to 4:00 that afternoon. This is a great one to take younger children to --very + 265 more characters
Often things aren't as simple as they appear and I'll illustrate this by sharing my little experience. A number of years ago I suddenly found myself as a single mom with only a part-time job. So I swa + 1818 more characters
Apple Jacks Life (the cereal that Mikey likes) Wheat Chex Honey Nut Frosted Mini Wheats
You should also warn your son that around here people don't wear their outfits, they drive them.
I discovered that when frying breaded vegetables, if you dip them in your egg, water, whatever then roll it in the flour, bread, crumbs, whatever, place the veggies on a baking sheet in a single layer + 227 more characters
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