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Lol I was a dumb twenty year old in the early 80s, my daughters middle name is Brittany----spelled Brytannie. I am still telling her sorry.
Mmmmmmm, pizza!! ....and finger steaks.
My husband just visited with Paul last week. He always had story and a smile.
#22 keep clicking.
("younger ones?) I hope you remember 4-wheelers should only be driven by persons 16 and older. To all riders please be careful, I know two people this summer who where seriously injured while on 4-whe + 401 more characters
I had a file break off in my root as well, only one-- so there in lies the difference perhaps, but my dentist said it would be fine. We just left it in. It's been 4yrs or so, and no problems yet. (cro + 216 more characters
This was all very interesting, now it's just sad.
Howdy it's about 8 or 9 posts back. I was bored tonight, so thanks everyone. I hadn't looked at milescity.com for awhile, it's always good for a chuckle. Also on reviewing the 1st post, interest was e + 410 more characters
How about Signal Butte. We used to drive out there and then walk up to the top.
Easy---TK, bh was only explaining what needs to be done now, and you your self said that your experience was 8 yrs ago. You couldn't have thought that things where going to be exactly as your "memory" + 146 more characters
Sorry didn't copy web page right, but click on the news tab on that page for the story
Ok, so now what do you all have to say about this? http://tv.msn.com/tv/article.aspx?news=412917>1=28103 Police: Carradine death may have been accidental, is the headline. Suicide or accident, a sa + 22 more characters
Thanks, after a long weekend of work, I needed a good chuckle.
How do you make a hormone? Don't pay her.
Not that it matters, but did she have fertility treatments(drugs) or did she take her eggs and fetilize them from the same sperm donor then implant them. I heard she had 6 left got the doctor to put t + 344 more characters
Love the South Park picture. The worried little faces seem so fitting.
Well to all you bleeding hearts lets hope he picks you to pee on and expose himself to. Maybe you could invite him to hang out at your house and supply him with beer. As for the rest of Miles City you + 18 more characters
The video wasn't avalible, but went to Tuckers web-page--- Wow, good job. I've seen these on TV, and a house made out of hay-bales was built here, where I live. Great way to "think green" keep up the + 16 more characters
Well---have you seen Wyomings. Talk about boring. Granted it is easily i.d. as a Wyoming icon, we use it on everything. It looks like they forgot to get any designs ready, and on no the dead lines tom + 54 more characters
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