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Q: What do you call a flying skunk? A. A Smellicopter
RE: Online Dating 17 years ago
It's not just online daters that have to worry about conversing with a possible mass murderer. For that matter, how do we know that the person we meet on the street, in any given city, on any given da + 436 more characters
Here's a good laugh...This text I got directly from the IRS's publication 525 which outlines other sources of income that have to be reported on income tax returns: "Bribes. If you receive a bribe, i + 284 more characters
The "magic fridge" was priceless! Although I am very partial to the superbowl add from the past that had a man and woman sitting in a sleigh..."candlelight....bud light" *POOF* hehehehehehe
Oh my Lord, the quail hunt is funny hahahahahahaha
My kids told me I was....does that count??
Why do some people choose to be rude to a customer service employee that is only trying to help them?? Do they really think they will win brownie points that way? Get mad at the situation......not the + 15 more characters
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