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Thanks for your reply. I will take mine apart and see what I can see.
I have two VHS players that are out of sync and need fixing. Could you please tell me who might fix them and what they would cost? Reply here, please.
The laptop is about 3 yrs old. I appreciate the information you have provided. I may buy the device you suggested. Thanks to all here who have replied with information. We have nice people here that + 158 more characters
Thank you for your hints. I have already searched control panel and speaker properties and all levels of Volume mixer; playback devices; sounds, etc. Nothing is muted, all levels of strength are on hi + 421 more characters
I can barely hear sound on my Gateway laptop. Would I need a new sound card? I tried installing a new update and that didn't work. I have tried external speakers and they do not work either. Any adv
Thank you for your help and the video. Very informative. I may try it. Now to get the 'right' battery. Are they all the same for an ipod tough, I wonder?
Thank you for your reply.
My Ipod does not hold a charge. Does anyone know who can and how much it would cost to replace with a new battery? Call 234-3439 If you can do it, Please
Ben, I am serious about needing a tool to turn tires inside out. Were you serious about remembering how to make one? And did you? Can I make it myself or can I buy one from you? call: 234-3439
I am not able to get to town often. Is the tire tool still available? Where can I call to ask about it?
Thank you very much.
Ben, I would be greatful to learn about the jig you have in mind. Would you call me at 234-3439 or can you email a drawing to me? [email protected] Thanks so much.
Thanks Tim. My trouble would be in this area: 3) Now you are going to flip your tire inside out. This is more difficult on tires without rims. Use your feet for support and pull the trimmed edge up. C + 451 more characters
Does anyone in town have the tools to turn car or pickup tires inside out to make planters for flower gardens
We have several cats and a kitten that showed up at our house. We have been feeding them but wish they had homes away from here. They are getting gentle with a small amount of handling. If you need ca + 396 more characters
We found a tame kitten in our yard two days ago. It is still here. Gender unknown. It is black with white chest and white socks on back feet and tiny white toes on front feet. Come take it home with y + 17 more characters
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