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I have had a few in my days...... SIXSTOY (in high school) MECANIC (Currently own) 4MYWFE (On my motorcycle right now!)
Is this only for children or can youtake photos of adults also!!!! If so I am very interested!
I am very interested in participating. This years bucking horse sale will hold a special place in my husband and my heart. This years parade will mark the 5 year anniversary of my husband proposing to + 107 more characters
Just a heads up to everyone....we are coming to town this weekend to look at a plot of 20 acres! I am so excited to be looking at land back in my hometown. I appreciate all of your responses to our qu + 361 more characters
It was a great show! I had planned to only watch for a few minutes but with in the first 5 minutes of the show I was hooked and had to sit and watch the whole was really sad to hear some + 172 more characters
Tucker, sorry it has taken me a while to post back.....things have been a little crazy around here. Yes my husband and I are looking into the option of organic. But you must understand to have produce + 699 more characters
Alan Folsom - He is the reason I survived High School and became who I am today! I will never forget him or that transmission my senior year!!!! What an adventure.
Hello out there to all you Miles Citians! My name is Valerie and I am was wondering if I could lean on a few of you to give me some feedback on an idea that my husband and I are thinking about bringin + 1555 more characters
If I had to choose of the two hot springs in Montana......I would say hit Fairmont. They have two more family dining and one a little more fancy. They also have a bar/lounge. The poo + 410 more characters
My husband and I took a Carnival Cruise down through Mexico and I must say the trip was well worth the cost. You are right you only go on a honeymoon once so do something that you will treasure. We ha + 1152 more characters
I believe he has passed away but I will have to check with my parents for sure.
The man you are all refering to as "IB" is named Richard Barch (not sure if I have the last name spelled correct)and lived one house down from me growing up. He lived there with his father until his f + 1089 more characters
Please keep in your thoughts and prayers Rich and Karen Gray & family! They lost a son yesterday in IRAQ! I wish we could bring them all home alive!
Valerie Pachl - 29 Graduated class of 1996 from CCDHS. Parents still live in Miles City along with my sister and nephew. Currently live in Bozeman, MT waiting for a teaching job to open either here + 424 more characters
Class of 1996 was 147 students!
I can hardly believe this story! I grew up just 4 houses down from this family. I played with his kids and we had many sleepovers. I never would have thought he could do something like this! What a cr + 108 more characters
How about those great swimming parties we had after a great Miles City rain storm. I can remember playing in the water at the underpass and also at the intersection of Sewell and Dickinson, right by t + 268 more characters
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