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My understanding is that the school was badly damaged after years of not being used. Specifically the basement had filled with water and most everything was ruined. The decision was made to dig a hole + 265 more characters
It's raining at the Marble Arch near Hyde Park in London, United Kingdom, on the European continent. .
I haven't heard about this. How much money is the group trying to raise to buy the sculptures?
I would like to point out that Mr. Webmasters data in the one example only goes to April, 2011, a full 5 years ago. #5. Barack Obama: Took office 20 January 2009. Total debt: $10,627 billion Total de + 359 more characters
Very fascinating, Hal. Thanks.
It's a good read by a MT author. Many of his points are spot on and I have experienced lots of the coincidental things with technology that he has. While it is frustrating and a little scary, I don't + 52 more characters
Larry, is this the way you would like us to donate?
Time for a donation drive? Haven't seen one in a while and I am due!
Two stories, both Houston centered, where I live now. The first, when my wife and I moved here in 2001, we rented an apartment in a massive complex. We had a dog, and our neighbors did too, and we bu + 1433 more characters
I am very much a pacifist, but these twerps got so annoying I started threatening to audit them. And then I asked them how they felt to be cheats and stealing money from good people. And how the weath + 121 more characters
lol. Almost like getting a tattoo. 5 years later, will you regret it?
I envy my extended ranching family and their way of life but I sure like to get my paycheck twice a month!
RE: Jet 9 years ago
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With a little checking, it's a corporate jet, and coincidentally, it is supposed to be back at 530 PM this afternoon.
Tons of UFO snot!
Bridgier, it's an oil. Please stay abreast of modern medicine. Thanks.
Do it. You and your son start. Invite the neighborhood kids. Probably on a Wednesday night since organized sports encompass the rest. Personally I am on a mission to limit the technology that my kids + 63 more characters
Mr. Webmaster, can you see IP addresses or something like that to figure out who BB is? Isn't each home a unique ID? I suck with web technology, but I thought there was a way and as webmaster maybe yo + 80 more characters
Soo.... What are you guys doing in your personal lives to prepare for the global meltdown? (besides learning foreign languages?)
Who publishes a joke picture with a typo?
For some reason the first video really went viral today. My 2nd grade daughter came home singing it today. Who knew mc.commies were so cutting edge?
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