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Believe it or not I want to the county cemetary (I asked them first). Good Soil. It came with weeds though-bindweed (which I had anyway) and sunflowers. Don't know if I would use that source again. I + 320 more characters
I voted. Good luck Amber.
Well said Erin. I taught two sessions of little ladies bellydancing in Miles City. I had such a good learning experience with the girls. We explored geography, cultural, and various examples of music + 1708 more characters
Tip: To correctly find the current owner for a piece of property in montana (or who pays the taxes), go to: url zoom in, click on a parcel, and poof, all the Dept of Revenue Appraisal info comes up.
This Saturday.
The longest running Citizen Science survey in the world, Audubon's annual Christmas Bird Count is gearing up for the 112th year. The Christmas Bird Count is a citizen science program and individuals o + 2017 more characters
People can vote daily by signing up or via facebook. Those who have text messaging can have an additional daily vote by texting 110778 to 73774. ****Additionally, for Pepsi drinkers, certain bottle c + 179 more characters
Thank you Steve! Frank, Where is there a pay phone in MC? Klew- Thank you taking interest in your new community. Instead of looking for speculation on this forum, I would honestly wait until an offic + 273 more characters
MCC is offering Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting Monday & Wednesday 3/14 - 4/20 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM only $175 Includes materials. MCC had to cancel the class last semester on me. CAD is used for + 116 more characters
Raise Money for Keep America Beautiful. Rock the vote. Lowes has pledged to donate 1 million dollars. $100,000 will go to each of the 4 charities Lowes has picked. The remaining $600,000 will be dist + 595 more characters
5 more days until the CBC!
I live in walking distance of this location and could donate my time. I would love to see some activity in this neighborhood building. KD - I am already on your volunteer list
Well the 7th Steet Merch sells some instruments. As it so happens, the building and the business is for sale. Great location- on 7th street. Right across the street is another art business in town, -t + 197 more characters
What breed (mix) are all the offspring?
If anyone is wanting to come out and have some birding fun, please come despite the participation fee. Give what you can (if you can). No one will be turned away. Audubon has staff which are hired to + 414 more characters
This year's Christmas Bird Count will be conducted on Sunday, January 2nd. Willing participates should meet at the Bureau of Land Management Office starting at 7:30am. Count groups will strike out for + 2055 more characters
Yellowstone E-Waste solutions usually charges PER POUND if you bring your items to them. I do not know the going rate at this time. Best Buy will charge you 10$ for a $10 gift card and to take your ol + 1472 more characters
Hope the rain stops!
Bellydance Classes for Little Ladies Target Ages are 8 to 13 Instructors: Jennifer Nagy and Samar Devies Classes will focus on self esteem, balance, exercise and having fun! Series of 6 classes on Fri + 392 more characters
Bird Counts, or any other national wildlife count usually occur during a window of time to allow for scheduling and/or seasonal variation across the nation. The Christmas Bird Count time period is: D + 298 more characters
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