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If teachers would actually enforce masks and all faculty would actually wear masks.
Ow, my head.
Thursday May 2nd at 9:30 then Friday and Saturday at 7 and 9:35. Sunday we will play it at 2 and 4:35 for the matinee and Sunday evening at 7:15. Monday through Thursday will be 7:15 only. We will kee + 52 more characters
The Montana Theatre will be showing Iron Man 3 at 9:30pm on Thursday May 2nd.
For current movie information as to what is playing or will be playing at the Montana Theatre you can always call the dial-a-movie at 406-232-2957 or visit the website
Starting Friday 12/14/2012 will be Rise of the Guardians at 7pm and Skyfall WILL play at 9pm.
At the door that night.
The Montana Theatre will be opening Twilight: Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 with a midnight showing on the 18th of November. Doors will open Thursday night, the 17th, at 11:30 pm. Thank you everyone!
I hate to see Riggs close and I really hate Wal-mart making me shop there.
Actually the vine on Doeden/Comstock is rather distracting. It surprised me how large it has grown.
I was watching E! and it was reported she just checked in to rehab or out of rehab, one of the two. Either way it is sad to see someone so young and talented lost so soon.
The surprise kids matinee movie for July 27 will be Kung Fu Panda 2.
The surprise kids matinee should be posted by Thursday night.
The Montana Theatre will be doing a midnight showing of Harry Potter Friday July 15th. Start lining up Thursday night
This Wal-mart had self check-out lanes before the re-model, but got rid of them after because the "supervisor" was helping more people try to figure them out. Granted at that time they were relatively + 51 more characters
Bet they'll have casino machines on the side while you wait
The Montana Theatre now has a website up and running. Check it out at url hope the link works for everyone.
Is there a limit on how many pumpkins you can find? Or can one person find all of them, if lucky enough? Lol
What is the prize for finding the pumpkin? Is it a gift certificate or cash and, if either, does it increase with each day the pumpkin isn't found?
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