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Growing up in MC in the early 60s... dragging Main and honking at friends was a number one pastime. If you got a carload of girls to honk back it was a big thing. I do admit it was pretty loud. A few + 255 more characters
David great video...John and I enjoyed watching "wrassling" growing up!
The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame has announced the 2021 inductees: Jay-z Carole King Tina Turner Foo Figthers GoGos Todd Rundgren I am ok with the group with the exception of Jay-Z. A lot of Todd Rundgren + 38 more characters
Safeway was on North 7th Street and became a beer distributor later on. I believe Jacks Food Town was on Leighton Boulevard just before crossing the tracks
Telling Ship what is right or wrong or complaining about his posts is like pissin' in the wind.
At first glance my early pics would be: A ladies year! Carole King Tina Turner Dionne Warwick The Go-Go's Todd Rundgren Foo Fighters LL Cool J
Here are the 2021 Nominees for the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame. Who's is your pick? You can vote at Inductees will be announced in May. Mary J.Blige Kate Bush Devo Foo Fighters The Go- + 190 more characters
I don't think he will pardon the thugs as it would almost be an admission of guilt on his part. No he will slump of to Florida and hide.
Here in Minot. My fancy city garbage can was gone after 60 mph winds during the night. I live toward the bottom of a hill and the wind actually blew the garbage can up the hill. My good neighbor hunte + 115 more characters
He helped us get rid of Trump....that's enough!
I actually thought the healthcare workers would be The Time Person of the Year. But Biden/Harris is a good choice.
WTF is supid...hope its not catching.
It is all over the news that McConnell and Trump said last night and today that they want to seat a new SC Judge before the election in November.
The Repubs need 51 Senators to seat a new judge. The Dems need 4 Repubs to vote to stop the seating of a new judge. Lisa Murkowski(AK),Susan Collins(Maine)and Mitt Romney (Utah)have said they will not + 1176 more characters
In getting ready to vote in the primary this spring here in Minot, ND I requested a mail-in ballot. I didn't get it so I called the Courthouse and they mailed me another one. I didn't get that one so + 876 more characters
Original "Long Haired Country Boy" not the later "sanitized" version
She would be a possibility as the governor of Illinois, JB Pritzker is a democrat. If she went as VP he would be able to appoint her replacement thus avoiding the Dems from losing a Senate seat
Earl I think the 60's had the 70's beat when it came to Draggin' Main and drinkin' beer!!
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