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My dad ---Mike B Cain-- was a brother and I have a lot of history on the cain family--the picture that Barb show should have been the one you were looking for--if not --let know will do some digging - + 38 more characters
The cemetery is still there--It is about 80 miles south of Miles City,all the building are gone --if you go to miles city.com and click on history & Genealogy --you find out about the history of Stace + 3 more characters
jail 8 years ago
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new jail --I do have 36 cents left over from my ss check-hope they don't go any higher than that--????
way to go Roger keep up the good work
I want to thank all those who have made use safe and free ---thank you so much---hope you get back soon --god bless you all!!!!!
i'm glad to see someone has the right idea and it should be that way. thanks
i'm going to vote for MR.SCHOOF --I think he is on right track---but needs our help.---- vote --vote --
vote for Holmlund on Tuesday
vote for Keith Holmlund
I messed up on Keith's last name....sorry about that. Does this look better? Holmlund? Thanks for pointing that out for me, Josh!
been looking over race for county comm.I think it is time we vote some new ones in---like they say time for a change. I think it is time we put keith lolmlund in office ,I think he be the rigth man fo + 61 more characters
you need to call kieth or marge holmlund---marge works at murdochs--they been working on the stone shack and every thing on the north side of miles city------for a long time --------they would have ev + 34 more characters
I think the people who come up with ban on cell phones while driving should just stay in there homes and let the rest of us alone
I'm sure of that
we do not need any more taxes. a dollar here a dollar there and before we know it we are way up there without even knowing what has happened. I would think the city would be covered for "damages" sust + 178 more characters
on the discussion about the fire service area the assessment is a tax if the fire service area goes thru. The initial tax may be $50 per year per resident in the areas that will be selected, but after + 390 more characters
ATTENTION;==Custer County residents; The County Commission has accepted A petition sponsered by the Rural Fire Department to create A fire service area (F,S.A.). The f.s.a.will create A new TAX on Sel + 277 more characters
I'm Glad to see that Brian is running for county commissioner. Go get 'em!
Bessie M Cain Family From Homer Cain I received the book (Looking Back To Now) From Willy Cain,Thanks a lot. You really put a lot of work in putting this together. When I was up there in 1998 the pi + 250 more characters
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